Corporate university

President Nursultan Nazarbayev noticed necessity of creation innovative-educative consortium in the number of the most important directions of new stage of all-round modernization of the republic, which must provide preparation of high-qualified specialists who are able to solve main tasks of scientific-technical and social-economical development of the country.

Changes in the world economy brought to confrontation in the sphere of staff preparation-Qualification against to Competence. Kazakhstan’s system of education made choice in favour of competence- ability of workers to response to market’s requirements.

Preparation of qualified staff impossible without corporate universities, activity of which is connected with creation multilevel system of staff preparation, who own necessary competence for innovative development of basic branches of Kazakhstan’s economy on foreground directions of science and techniques.

At the present time high technologies and the most complicated modern techniques are involved intensively into Kazakhstan’s economy from abroad. Dynamics of the changes is so high that teaching staffs of the higher educational institutions do not always have time to react what is happening for preparation of competitive specialists. The way out of this situation we see in consolidation of efforts of universities, scientific institutions, industry and business, one of form, cooperation of which can be innovative-educative consortium. Karaganda state technical university having stated experience of such cooperation, creates Corporate University with participation of large industrial enterprises, scientific establishments and universities of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation on the base of innovative-educative consortium.

Cooperative work on creation of the republican innovative-educative consortium is held by joint stock corporation “Scientific-production centre “Phytochemistry””, Association “PharmMedIndustry of Kazakhstan”, Kazakh national medical university named after S.Asfendiyarov, Karaganda state medical academy, South-Kazakhstan state university, Karaganda state technical university, “Bolashak” Karaganda university, LLP “Karaganda pharmaceutical factory”.

University is guided by main principles of open education: availability, stability, efficiency, modernity, production effectiveness. Architectural and structural decisions taken during creation of technological base of corporative activity are directed to realization of the basic principles of open education.

Dynamism of the modern civilization, building-up of its cultural layer, strengthening of personality role in society and production, growth of its needs, humanization and democratization of society, intellectualization of the labour, rapid change of technique and technology will replace formula “Education for all life” on “Education through all life”.

The concept of “continuous” education sounded almost simultaneously with emergence of the market economy. This forces people to learn constantly. Continuous education – is one of the way of maintenance of number of working-age people.

Problem of many enterprises is that they don’t fully realize necessity of continuous education for their staff. Many of them manage as in the old way, relying only on the own instincts, experience and personal qualities.

Large transnational companies “Tayota”, “General electric”, “Serevretal” organize training and retraining of specialists within the framework of corporate relations, presenting material-technical base, specialists for universities. These companies are more active on the labour market, as they understand their needs, they have resources and take steps for their solution. Average and small enterprises realizing staff policy attract graduates of the universities and this aim achieves with the difficulty in imperfection of social programme of support of young specialist. All this provides opportunity for universities to create and realize educational programmes of target preparation of bachelors, masters of retraining, professional development of the staff of enterprises, additional training – internship of young specialists.

Karaganda state technical university began implementation of the educational programmes as the first one among universities of Kazakhstan with attraction of enterprises within the framework of Corporate university with the aim of quality improvement of preparation of specialists highly demanded by production.

One of the most important issues of implementation of educational programmes of professional development is additional training of graduates – bachelors of technical specialties for realization of technical, technological tasks of production, especially it concerns productions connected with the dangerous working conditions, for example extraction of solid mineral resources with underground, open method of their processing etc. Enterprises must be interested in it in the first place attracting universities and allocating material resources for these aims.

Possibility of intensive growth of education in Kazakhstan is connected with the development of distance technology of education without which is impossible implementation of philosophy “education throughout the life”.

KSTU, SKSU named after M.Kozybayev, EKSU named after S.Amanzholov within the framework of Consortium give opportunity for teachers and students to use more than 4000 study courses. Availability of educational information make universities attractive for students. Nowadays applicant studies not only web-site of the university for admission, but also open educational resources, which it offer. Remote educational technologies open special, new opportunities for the best students, who receive the right to choose place and form of learning.

Rapid development of technologies and emergence of new branches of knowledge in combination with the growth of competition for high-paying jobs and development of global labour market requires constant learning from employees. Grown-up students better understand what programmes and courses they need, better and faster understand theoretical bases of disciplines, they treat more critically to their content. All these suggestions and demands presenting by consumers of educational services realized with the credit system of learning. Growing throughput ability of distance technology of learning makes use of game and imitating methods, programme-hardware complexes, video materials and videoconferences actual and necessary.

Development of usage of electronic educational tools allow to require for university programmes to be available online in the near future.

Implementation of cultural programme “Trinity of languages” in Kazakhstan gives opportunity to get access for English-language educational programmes through Internet, development of informational transfer systems will provide simultaneous translation of educational programmes holding online by 2015.

Long-term experience of annually holding Graduates Fair at KSTU, questionnaire of employers indicate that staff policy of enterprises directed to selection of “ready-made” staff.

Many companies and enterprises are actively corporate with University at the last courses forming personnel reserve for themselves. It concerns mostly technical and engineering specialties. They provide passage of internship on their own enterprises, protection of diploma projects and works on profile subjects, hold presentations of their enterprises, offer special courses, organize offices of the departments in their enterprises, help in laboratory equipment, almost filling the gap, which characterizes modern state of higher education, in practical knowledge and skills.

Creation of the Corporate Universities practically takes recess of engineering education, which forms by the system of Bachelors training.

Main directions of the corporate educational process are – managers training, personnel reserve of companies of various levels;

professional development of young employees; training and attestation of working specialties.

Surveys of heads of companies, enterprises and organizations during holding annual Graduates Fair confirm their interest in training, retraining and professional development at “Corporate University” of KSTU. It is supposed that teaching staff of the University develops courses taking into account specifics of the customer.

Main condition of activity of Innovative-educational consortium of corporate training, “additional training”, retraining, professional development is that:

University interested in getting profit at the expense of realization of educational services and its staff takes participation in consulting and educational components of educational programmes;

University has staff, which develop competitive package of educational services, but what is more important, they sell this package;

Lecturers must show professionalism in training of their courses, ability to change them for consumers, to have practical experience of activity in the given field, got by lecturer on the courses of professional development or at the leading enterprises of the field;

Head of the enterprise must realize necessity in educational consulting services, presented with universities and necessity to pay for acquisition of new knowledge by themselves;

organizations must create environment which offers and provides study for employees, that will raise professional potential with the aim of enterprise’s development, raise competition of each employee and his salary and will lower staff turnover;

scientific activity of the University and Enterprise determine conditions of innovative education – education in the process of creation new knowledge, the result of which is commercial success.

Important component of Corporate education is understanding of the Enterprise that it can move quickly own goods, technologies to the labour through knowledge, professional skills of its graduates, it will serve as transfer of the goods, technologies firstly for University to teach students, then to the labour.