Dear colleagues, 

On April 21-22, 2016 at Karaganda State Technical University there is held the International scientific and practical conference “SCIENCE, TECHNICAL REGULATION AND ENGINEERING IN CONSTRUCTION: CONDITION, PROSPECTS”.

At the Conference there is planned working of the following sections:

Section 1. Experimental and theoretical research, new technologies and

 scientific and technical support in construction;

Section 2. Technical regulation and introduction of a new regulatory base with

 the use of  Eurocodes. Compliance assessment;

Section 3. Modern technologies of design and research in construction;

Section 4. Expert works, supervision and control in construction.

Section 5. Complex and industrial safety of buildings and structures.

        The working languages of the Conference are Kazakh, Russian and English.

          Persons interested to take part in the work of the Conference are to submit till March 20, 2016 to the  Organizational Committee:

         − an application for participation according to the enclosed form;

         −  a thesis of the report (s) issued according to the requirements given below;

         − a copy of the document confirming the payment of the admission fee.

         The organizational payment for participation in the Conference and publication of theses in the collection in the amount of 3000 tenges (for one report) is to be transferred to the account of  Karaganda State Technical University at the Karaganda branch of Credit Center Bank JSC, IIK KZ638560000000147366, BIK KCJBKZKX, PHH 301700030344, BIN 000240004524.


The Conference Organizational Committee:

Chairman: Gazaliyev Arstan Maulenovich, KSTU rector, academician of the RK NAS, laureate of the RK State Prize.

Vice-chairman: Nuguzhinov Zhmagul Smagulovich, director of the KazMIRR Institute, Doctor of Engineering, professor.

Responsible secretary: Moiseyev Valeri Semenovich, chief expert of the Department of Science of Karaganda State Technical University, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor.

Materials for participation in the Conference are to be sent to the address:

            100027, Karaganda, Mira B., No. 56, KSTU, to the technical secretary Mukhametzhanova Assel Toleubekovna (VI building, 5 floor, room 10).

Electronic address (e-mail): kazmirr@mail.ru

Fax: (+7-721-2) 56-52-03 (КazMIRR)

Reference telephone numbers: (+7-721-2) 56-52-03; +7 701 336 59 54 (КazMIRR);

 (+7-721-2) 56-52-34 (КSTU).

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