Science of the department of Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign Languages

The sphere of scientific interests of the department includes issues of modern methods of teaching foreign languages ​​in a technical university. The teaching staff works within the scientific topic: “Innovative technologies for teaching foreign languages ​​to students of technical specialties within the framework of theory and practice of intercultural communication”.
The scientific subjects of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​are carried out in the following areas:
1. Scientific and pedagogical bases for the introduction of a multilingual education in a technical university;
2. Teaching foreign languages ​​to students of technical specialties in the light of the Bologna Process.
2.1 Implementation of the national level model of teaching triune languages ​​in accordance with the CEFR;
2.2 Modeling of communication in the context of the theory of intercultural communication.
3. Development and introduction of information technologies in the teaching of a foreign language:
3.1 Multimedia tools for teaching foreign languages ​​to students of technical specialties;
3.2 Application of digital resources for a professionally-oriented foreign language.

Scientific and methodological seminar of the department:
At the department there is a scientific and methodical seminar, which is aimed at discussing important issues oflinguodidactics, modern methods of teaching foreign languages, computer linguodidactics, professionally-oriented teaching of foreign languages. The seminar covers the following problems:
1. Problems of scientific and methodical research of the department.
2. Problems of communicative methods of teaching the types of speech activity.
3. Features of the use of software for teaching foreign languages ​​in the teaching process.
4. Didactic principles of training future specialists of a technical profile in a multilingual environment.

Student scientific club “Lingua Discovery”:
As part of the work of the student scientific club “Lingua Discovery”: students study questions on the scientific directions of the department. The main tasks of the scientific student club “Lingua Discovery” are to increase the interest in research, to train students to work with scientific and technical literature (search, selection, analysis, systematization), to developcreative thinking skills, to draw their conclusions, to lead discussions, to speak to the audience on professional topics in a foreign language.