Transport and Road faculty

Scientific activity, science, transport and road faculty (TDF) of the University is carried out, the profile of the departments.

Scientific directions of departments TDF:

Department “Transport technology and logistics” works in the following fields:

“Creating a mobile overpasses to eliminate traffic jams”.

3D diagram of mobile overpass


  1. “Improving the quality of domain and other metallurgical slag due to their hydrophobic used oil and waste production mikrokremnezema”.



3D model of mill                                                                  Mill with installed brushes with synthetic bristles


  1. “Construction of slatted foundations, saving when introducing 40% of the cost of materials.”
  2. “Development of systems for cleaning exhaust gases of vehicles with ultrasonic generators”.
  3. “Transport logistic system of Kazakhstan”.
  4. “Improving the efficiency of mining dump trucks and reduce downtime of their repairs through developing systems of maintenance and repair.”

– the chair of “Industrial transport” provides 4 areas:

  1. “Research and development of steeply inclined conveyor with a linear actuator for open-cast mining”.
  2. “Development and research of system optimization of control mode locomotive (industry)”.
  1. “Improving the reliability of cars with the features of operating conditions”.
  2. “Development and study of insulation systems of exhaust gases in an underground self-propelled machines”.

Faculty, doctoral students, undergraduates and students take active part in scientific conferences, forums and exhibitions, online seminars, contests, win prizes.

The departments of transport and road faculty functioning student scientific circles, which involved students and undergraduates. Each year, students write theses on scientific topics. Graduate and doctoral students carry out research work and experimental work on master theses on industrial enterprises.

2017-present 6 doctoral theses (PhD) by specialty 6D071300 – “Transport, transport equipment and technology, 6D090100 – “Organization of transportations, movements and transport operation”.

For research masters and doctoral students pass scientific training in leading universities and research institutions of near and far abroad. The geography of the countries of the internship is expanding – Germany, USA, China, Slovakia, Russian Federation, etc.