Institute of Advanced Training

Institute of  Advanced Training (IAT) was opened in September, 2006 by reorganization of labor and industrial safety institute and the faculty of Advanced Training.

The activities of the Advanced Training institute are aimed at updating, increasing the knowledge of production specialists and educators in connection with the increase of requirements for their professional competence of the labor market and the necessity of mastering the innovative technologies in the modern market conditions of the development of Republic economy.

Nowadays the IAT along with accumulation volumes of educational services for production specialists and business, also performs the function of professional development of the faculty of university departments and other universities, including expanding the scope of application of State, Russian and English languages.

At the IAT retraining and professional development of specialists are conducted by directions of the specialties of the university’s departments within 200 curricula and programs of supplementary education (Appendix 3) developed by the orders of interested organizations (companies).

Unlike similar  educational centers, the IAT in its educational activity strives for a full utilization of the advantages of  KTU, as a large polytechnic university, namely as a highly qualified faculty among doctors, candidates of sciences and professors, also well-known production and business specialists, the availability of modern teaching and laboratory facilities, the application of modern teaching methods using innovative technologies and the possibility of using the educational and methodical literature during educational  process.

Directions of advanced training and professional retraining of IAT includes practically all branches of the country’s economy: energy, power supply and telecommunications; mining; mechanical engineering; building; transport; economics and management; social and human sciences; quality management system and so on..

In the period of 2006-2017 academic years, more than 3000 listeners and teachers have passed advanced training at the IAT.

The curriculum provides listeners with the acquaintance of modern methods of multilevel education, including introduction to achievements in the field of innovative technologies and the opportunity to participate in the different scientific, methodical seminars and conferences.


Conditions of reception of listeners


Training of listeners is organized on a paid basis by concluding contracts for educational services on the application (Appendix 1 and 2). Enrollment of specialists in number of listeners is made right after entrance of payment of the total amount of the contract. The term for the provision of educational services is notified by a letter of notification. For listeners, who successfully passed the IAT courses a document of the established type – CERTIFICATE is given.

During the receipt of applications and conclusion of contracts, joint work is conducted with the basic departments on the development of curricula and programs, conducted courses and organization of classes for listeners. These types of training can be conducted on the basis of the university or on the territory of the customer.



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