The First Commencement of Students from Afghanistan

In June of 2020 there was the first commencement of 13 students from the Islam Republic of Afghanistan who were studying in Karaganda Technical University on the basis of the intergovernmental agreement on the educational programmes “Informatics”, “Computer Engineering and Software”, “Construction”.

For their appropriate adaptations and study there was created all conditions. Students from Afghanistan were living in new comfortable residential developments “Horde of People with One Lifelong Dream” which was put into operation in 2014 under the Presidential Program “Students accommodation”.

They were provided with two- and triple rooms in sections with private showers and bathrooms.  At the disposal of students each storey has 4 kitchens which are equipped with modern electric heaters, refrigerators, serving tables, air extraction system; study rooms for lessons; halls and recreations with television; high-speed internet, WI-FI.

On the first storey of residential development are situated: multimedia computer classrooms; modern conference hall; storage rooms, the health post with physiotherapist’s office, medical treatment room, isolation room; student canteen with “hot line”. Residential development “Horde of People with One lifelong Dream” is equipped with two modern elevators, with video surveillance systems and entry permits by electronic card permits.

University Centre of international cooperation, deans of architectural and construction control faculty and faculty of innovative technology, curator continuously provided to the students from Afghanistan various types of assistance in solving of emerging issues – meetings with representatives of migrant and local police service, religion scholars, with embassy employee of IRA.  Foreign students were actively involved in public and creative work – participation in competitions, festivals, city and regional events which were organized by activists of Youth Association “Young Horde”, by employees of department of a youth policy of akimat of region and city, young resource centre, friendship centre ANK.


All 13 students developed and successfully defended the graduation projects on the latest topics of IT-technologies, construction of modern civil complexes and structures.

We are confident that what they had learnt will serve as the basis of professional growth and career for the benefit of long-suffering people of Afghanistan.

A number of Afghan graduates are planning to study further for a master’s degree in Karaganda technical university, in universities of Canada, Turkey.

We congratulate Afghan graduates on the completion of the top-ranked technical college of Republic of Kazakhstan! We wish you success and good luck! Health and well-being!