Our graduates

The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

Imashev Askar Zhanbolatovich – doctor PhD Dean of the Faculty of Mining

In 2008 he graduated from the Karaganda State Technical University on specialty 190440 “Mining and Underground Construction”.

Worked at the departments “Mine and underground construction” and “Development of mineral deposits”.

In December 2014 Imashev A.Z.defended his doctoral dissertation for the degree of doctor PhD on a specialty 6D070700 – «Mining” at the Dissertation Council. In March 2015 order of the President of the academic degree KKSON MES №289 from 02.03.2015 was awarded the PhD doctors in the specialty 6D070700 – «Mining”.

The direction of Imasheva A.Z. research is “Geotechnical investigation of the stability of the rock mass.”

On the basis of research works   were published more than 40 scientific papers (including 2 articles in rating journals included in the Scopus database), received 1 certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright, as well as published 1 monograph and 2 textbooks.

In 2015 he attended a course “Training and retraining of managers (top management) of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan” in “research activities of higher education institutions” on the basis of «Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education» and universities in Japan (Ritsumeikan University; Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University; Kyushu University).

The winner of the State scientific grant for talented young scientists and the competition “Best young scientist – innovator KSTU 2015”.

The winner of the title “The best teacher of high school in 2016”.

In parallel with the main work served as deputy executive secretary of the selection committee and KSTU Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council of the Karaganda State Technical University for doctoral theses in the field RhD “Mining” and “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”.

In February, 2017 order of the Rector KSTU was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Mines.


Honorary Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Professor of the MAP, member of the Board of Trustees of the MAP (2010-2018).

Doctor of Technical Sciences, specialty – Geotechnology (open, underground, construction), 2002, IPCON RAS; Candidate of Technical Sciences, specialty – Underground mining of mineral deposits, 1997, MAP.

Graduated from Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, mining Engineer, 1984; Karaganda State University, lawyer, 1997; Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Manager of Public Administration (finance, taxes, credit), 2000.

He was a member of the Operational Komsomol Squad of Vigilantes (OKOD) under the leadership of R.K. Kamarov. On behalf of the rector, Saginov A.S. headed the district headquarters of Student Construction Teams (SSOs) on the basis of KarPTI, was a member of the bureau of the Komsomol district committee of KarPTI. 14 SSOs were formed and sent to their places of work (BAM, Aktobe region, state farms of Nurinsky and Osakarovsky districts).

He was the captain of the national team of the Institute and a member of the national team of the Karaganda region in Sambo and Kazakh-Kures wrestling. Candidate for Master of Sports of the USSR.

In 1983, as part of the Kazakh SSR team, he became the silver medalist of the All-Union Olympiad “Student and Scientific and Technical Progress” in Baku.

The first scientific article was written and published by a student, and the first methodological manual for students by a graduate student (together with V.F. Demin). The first monograph together with S.S. Kwon and E.G. Root was published in 1998.

I was fond of photography, I acquired a lot of interesting things from the head of the photo club Y.N. Davydov.

The curator of our TKM-79-2 group was N.I. Popov, a cheerful and unobtrusive, young teacher at that time, and the curator of the TKM group-79-1 – Yu.A. Wexler.

On behalf of the Dean of the Mining Faculty, G.I. Valshtein was responsible jointly with V.S. Portnov for sports events. The “battles” between the faculties were serious in all kinds of sports. The Mining faculty has always been the first!

He graduated from full–time postgraduate studies (scientific supervisor – academician A.S. Saginov), doctoral studies (scientific consultant – S.S. Kwon), worked as a junior researcher, a researcher at CarPTI – KarTU.

Winner of the award named after Academician A.A. Skochinsky in the field of mining safety and the prize named after him. Academician A.M. Terpigorev, award “For outstanding contribution to the development of the raw material base of the mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan and merits in scientific activity”.

Senior Researcher of the Department of Problems of Management of Development and Preservation of the Earth’s Subsoil of the Institute of Problems of Integrated Development of the Subsoil named after Academician N.V. Melnikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCON RAS).

In 2012-2021 he worked as a deputy. Director of the Department of Business Development of the international organization “Eurasian Economic Commission”, participated in the development of 12 international draft laws and 8 regulatory legal acts in the field of intellectual property, labor migration and social protection of workers.

Preparation of doctoral students (foreign supervisor): defended 10 PhD doctoral dissertations (in the MAP and KazNITU named after K. Satpayev). The card was defended by Imashev A.Zh., Huanggan N. (supervisor Isabek T.K.), Karataev A.D., Tomilov A.N. (supervisor Demin V.F.), Suleev B.D., Ganyukov A.A. (supervisor Kadyrov A.S.), Shontaev A.D. (supervisors Isabek T.K., Khodzhaev R.R.)

Member of the Presidium, full member of the Academy of Mining Sciences, honorary member of the National Academy of Mining Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAS), Head of the department “Integration Problems of the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS”.

Full member of the International Academy of Informatization (Almaty).

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Legal Informatics” of the Scientific Center for Legal Information under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (2014-2017), member of the editorial board of “Bulletin of the RUDN. Engineering Research” (2012-2016).

Awarded the medal “For Contribution to the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union” (signed by the Prime Minister of Armenia and the Presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia), the signs “Miner’s Glory” (Kazakhstan), “Miner’s Glory” (Russia), other departmental, academic and public awards and diplomas, Honorary Worker of the coal industry (Kazakhstan).


He was born in Karaganda, March 10, 1953 in a family of miners , Hero of Socialist Labor Kubaichuk Alexey .After graduating high school number 12 grams of Karaganda in 1970, he enrolled in the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute and successfully graduated in 1975 with a degree ‘technology and mechanization of underground mining mineral resources” with a degree in mining engineering.

Since 1975 on 1993 worked on mine «Majkuduksky «Karagandcoal» as the mountain master of a site spadework, the mountain master, the deputy chief and the lava chief . With 1982 for 1983 – the deputy director on manufacture, and in 1983 – 1993 – the chief engineer of mine “Majkuduksky”. With 1993 for 1996 – the director of mine “Karaganda”. In 1996 – 1997 – chief engineer state enterprise Managements of office buildings constructions at head of the Karaganda area. In 1997 – the head of representation of corporation «Kazahmys in Karaganda», in 1997 – the assistant to entrusted managing director of “Borly”. 1997 – 1998 – general director of “Borly”. Since 1997 on the present general director of “Borly”.

On his account 34 of the efficiency proposal, 3 copyright certificates, 3 articles. He has been recognized «by the Best young rationalizer “Karagandaugol”.


Was born on April 17, 1931 in Karkarala district of Karaganda region. In 1960 he enrolled in the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute and in 1964 graduated with a degree in mining engineering.1944-1947 timer shaft number 60 Trust Molotovugol Karagandaugol .1947-1949  district setter mine № 54-41 trust “Molotovugol” kombinatat “Karaganda coal. 1950-1955 Mining Foreman number 2 101 trust “Saranugol” combine  Karagandaugol. 1955-1960 Mining Foreman number 4 shaft number 20 trust “Leninugol” plant Karaganda coal .1960-1964 student of KSTU. 1964-1967 deputy head of the site number 5 shaft number 22 trust  Leninugol plant Karaganda coal. 1967-1977 Foreman number 2 mine them. 50 anniversary of the October Revolution, “Karaganda coal.1977-1989 director of the mine “Karaganda”. 1989-1991 Deputy Chief mine site of the mine “Karaganda”. He was a member of the City and District Council in Karaganda.Awards: Order of Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor, medals “For Valiant Labor in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin”, “Shahteskaya glory” of I , II, III degree, “Veteran of Labour”, the Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. He was awarded honorary certificates of the Central Committee Communist Party of Kazakhstan and the MUP of the USSR. He is an honorary miner in Karaganda.


He was born on August 17, 1948 in Karaganda. After graduating from high school in 1966, he entered the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, from which he graduated in 1971 with a degree ‘technology and complex mechanization of stratified deposits”. Was assigned to the State Design Institute “Karagandagiproshaht”, where he began his career as a design engineer mining department. In 1975 he was appointed as Head of Mining Department , where he worked until 1986. In 1986 the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR  Mirniy appointed director of the Institute “Karagandagiproshaht”, from 1994 to the present time he is president  “Karagandagiproshaht” and sult of the creative collaboration with scientific and educational institutions, professionals Basin mines Peace was prepared willows 1993 successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic: “Sustaining capacity of existing mines in the by engaging in redevelopment of previously abandoned coal seams packs powerful .”In 1998, the IJ The peace was elected a corresponding member of the International Academy of Ecology , Man and Nature ( MANEB , St. Petersburg) in the section ” Health and safety of life.” His business trips to Poland , China and the United States have contributed to the implementation of the projects ” Karagandagiproshaht ” progressive technical solutions world-class .I.Ya.Mirny – full of Honour of the sign ‘ Miner’s Glory “,” Honored Worker of the coal industry “, was awarded the medal” For Labour Valour ” , has received numerous industry awards , certificates and letters . In 1992 the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Builder of the Republic of Kazakhstan


He was born on June 28, 1955, Karaganda, in a working class family . In 1972, after graduating from secondary school he entered the mining department of Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. In 1977, after graduating from the full course of this institution, he received his degree in mining engineering.Seniority shall be counted from July 1975. While still a student, do practical work in the mine “Western”. From 1977 to 1980 he worked as a mine foreman at the mine Gorbachev. In 1980, the transfer was accepted as a research assistant in the laboratory of ignition of dust and gas mixtures VostNII Karaganda branch, where he worked until 1988. In 1986 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science. During his work at VostNII published 13 publications, including three copyright claims. From 1988 to 1996 he worked in the mines “Saransk”, in positions mountain master, the deputy chief of section, section chief, deputy chief engineer, chief engineer , chief engineer. In 1996 he was appointed head of the Soviet district akim. Since October 1997 he has been a director of the State Enterprise “Center for Real Estate” Registration Service Committee of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Karaganda region. Hobbies: sports, football, skiing .


Ordabekov Ahan Adylgazinovich was born on July, 14th 1955 in Zharminsky area of Semipalatinsk area.

In 1972 has left secondary school. Same year has arrived in the Kazakhstan polytechnical institute of Lenin. In 1977 has ended and the engineer – the metallurgist has received qualification. In 1977 has begun the labor activity on industrial complex mine Bakargin «Altai Gold» engineer technological department (TD). From May 1978 till September 1980 worked as the mountain master, the chief of a site of building gold mining of mine Boko of industrial complex. Since September 1980 till September 1983 worked as the chief chemical mine Boko laboratories. Since September 1983 till September 1987 the deputy the chief of a site, the chief of a site of underground mountain works №6 Bakirginsky cutting trust  managements worked as the underground mountain master. Since 1987 for 1990 «Altai Gold »worked as the chief of a site of underground mountain works №4 and the deputy the chief engineer of mine Boko of industrial complex.

In 1988 has on the job finished study at the Karaganda polytechnical institute of the Award Labour Red the Sign, has received qualification of the mountain engineer.

With 1990 for 1993 Altai Gold «worked as the senior dispatcher of Management of committee» since June 1991 till November, 1993 «Altai Gold» worked as the main miner of mountain-concentrating industrial complex.

Since November 1993 till December 1994 the chief of mine “October” GoKa «Altai Gold». With 1995 till May 1997 the chief of Semipalatinsk regional inspection of Gosgortekhnadzor. Since May 1997 till December 1998 the chief of Semipalatinsk regional inspection of technical inspectionr.

With 1999 for 2001 the chief specialist Semipalatinsk city management on Emergency Situations, the chief of department of the state inspectors of work on a city Leninogorsk.


Was born on January 3rd, 1940 in Karaganda. In 1957 has arrived in the Karaganda college of mines and has finished this institute in 1962. Since 1962 on 1966, worked on distribution at institute in a post it is old an the engineer. In 1966 has arrived to work in the Militarized mine-rescue part the Karaganda coal basin where has taken place a way from the regional engineer to the laboratory chief overpressure a construction of All-Union scientific research institute of mine-rescue business.

In 1980 to Kemerovo (East scientific research institute) has protected the master’s thesis. During this period by him it is developed big quantity overpressure constructions and some ways of clearing of explosions in mines use of these constructions. Some workings out have a priority over researches of the leading countries of the world.

With 1986 for 1995 V.M.Plotnikov worked in the Karaganda metallurgical institute. During this period, along with pedagogical activity, he successfully develops intensive technologies in the mine building, based on use of explosions and extending materials for the creative purposes.

From three competitions spent in the Karaganda area on a rank by best the engineer of year 1989-1991 Mr Plotnikov participated in two and was the winner twice. He was the winner of the competition spent by Minvuzom of the USSR under original technical decisions in 1991.

In 1994 Mr Plotnikov has protected in Moscow the thesis for a doctor’s degree. By him it is published more than 180 works, from them 9 brochures and more than 80 inventions and patents.



Was born on October, 22nd 1941 in Saratov region.

About 1958-1964 studied at the Karaganda polytechnical institute.

About 1964-1993 worked on mine of Kostenko production associations “Karagandcoal” in various posts from the assistant to the chief of a site to the director mines.

Since November, 1993 – general the director the industrial associations on coal mining,

Since 1996 till November 2006 – the chief executive of Coal Department of Open Society “Ispat-Karmet”. Having solid technical preparation great attention gives safe to conditions works.

Since December, 2006 – the main international expert on coal raw materials of company “Arselor Mittal Steel”.

Its themes of candidate and doctor’s dissertations and 38 scientific works are directed on development technologies of clearing works.

It is awarded the order «the Labour Red Banner», a medal «For valiant work», a sign «Miner’s Glory» I, II, III degrees, Gold medal exhibition of achievements of a national economy and other awards.

The rank «the Honourable citizen of Karaganda» is appropriated 2000 for the big contribution to development of the coal industry and active participation in public life of a city of Karaganda.


Birth date and birth place: 4/26/1965, Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Has ended the Karaganda polytechnical institute, mountain faculty, «Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining of mineral deposits» (1989); the Moscow college of mines, courses of retraining of personnel the engineer-economist (1991) 06.1983-04.1985 – service in СА 05.1985-09.1089 – the underground mountain worker of a clearing face of mine of Kuzembaeva “Karagandacoal” 09.1989-08.1991 – the mountain master of an extracting site, mine Sokursky, mines of Kuzembaeva CD “Karagandacoal” 09.1991-04.1993 – the adviser of joint venture “SITEK”, Moscow 05.1993-12.1994 – the commercial director of Joint-Stock Company «Russian fuel», Moscow 01.1995-08.1996 – the main expert of Joint-Stock Company “ROL”, Moscow 08.1996-12.1997 – the main adviser of the company «Milder Interneshnl of Ltd», Moscow With 04.1999 – constantly lives in Ukraine 1998-2006 – the adviser of the president of the International mountain congress concerning interactions with Ukraine 04.2006-11.2007 – the People’s Deputy of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine of 5th convocation (from Party of Regions, № 88 in the list) 1st vice-president of Committee concerning science and education (with 07.2006) Member of fraction PR (with 05.2006) With 11.2007 – the People’s Deputy of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine of 6th convocation (from Party of Regions, № 86 in the list). The committee-man concerning the budget (with 12.2007) Member of fraction PR (with 11.2007). In June 2010 decree of the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych it is appointed by the general director of State company Ukrspetseksport.

On January, 4th, 2011 the decree of the President of V.Yanukovych it is appointed by the general director of the state concern Ukroboronprom created by the decision of Ministry from December, 29th 2010.
On February, 8th Yanukovych’s 2012 decree it is appointed by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine.


The cochairman of the Republican Union Martial arts of Kazakhstan. The president of Republican federation of oriental combat sports of DZHUKU, the deputy of IV convocation Mazhilis of Parliament RK.

Tinikeev Muhtar Bakirovich was born in the city of Karaganda, 9/27/1963 to year. The Kazakh.

The father – Tinikeev Bakir (1912-1973), worked on mines of Karaganda.

Mother – Tinikeeva Marjam (the river 1924), mother-heroine, has given birth and the pensioner has brought up 7 children.

Member of People’s democratic party «Nur Otan».

He is married, has two children.

Secondary education has received in 1980. In High school № 30 of Karaganda.

The Karaganda state technical university, the mountain civil engineer.

The Karaganda state university of E.A.Buketova, the lawyer.

The participant of XII World festival of youth and students in Moscow (1985).

The delegate XX, XXI congresses the all-Union Lenin communistic union of youth on which it was twice selected the Member of Central Committee VLKSM, delegate ХVII of congress LKSM of Kazakhstan.

1980 – Electromechanic of mine №22 “Karagandacoal”, Karaganda.

1981-1983 – Military service, the assistant to the commander of a platoon, Northern group of armies, in the Polish National Republic.

1983 – the miner of a clearing face of a site № 4 mines “Kirov” “Karagandacoal”.

The representative of mine in regional strike committee (1989).

1990-93 – the People’s Deputy of the Supreme body of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic XII convocation, the committee-man on defense and safety.

1994-95 – the deputy of the Supreme body of Republic Kazakhstan XIII convocation, the chairman of subcommittee on national safety.

2002-04 – the deputy of II convocation of Mazhilis of Parliament of Republic Kazakhstan. The committee-man under the legislation and judicial-legal reform.

2004-07 – the deputy of III convocation of Mazhilis of Parliament of Republic Kazakhstan. The committee-man under the legislation and judicial-legal reform.

2007 – on the present – the deputy of IV convocation Mazhilis of Parliament of Republic Kazakhstan. The committee-man under the legislation and judicial-legal reform.

Member of People’s democratic party «Nur Otan», the party list.

The participant of peace-making missions in Upland Karabahe (in 1991 and in 1993), in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict (1994) and on the Tadjik – the Afghani site (1995).

Since 1992 – a member of Assembly MPA of the CIS (St.-Petersburg)

Since 2005 – the Chairman of constant commission on legal questions (St.-Petersburg).

The cochairman of the Republican Union in Martial arts of Kazakhstan.

The president of Republican federation of oriental combat sports.

The master of sports.


Award “Kurmet”.

Award “Commonwealth” (CIS).

Award “Miner’s Glory” III and II degrees.

Medal “10 years to capital Astana”.

Medal of “10 years of Independence RК”.

Medal “10 years to Parliament RK”.

Medal of “10 years of Constitution RК”.