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Language Marathon

Mother’s Day

Day of the languages ​​of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Universiade for the best presentation of the university in English

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Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu

The four bright minds

Language Festival


On 22 September, KSTU hosted a cultural and educational celebration organized by the Foreign Languages Department  Staff. The first language festival was held in 1995 by an American EsperantistDennis Keefe, inToursFrance. Now it’s a tradition in Kazakhstan, too. This year the Language Festival was devoted to the 20thanniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The festival celebrates the ideal of language equality in Kazakhstan, based on mutual respect and understanding.

Native language is the crux. In linguistic meaning, it is an area of parental language, a “mother-tongue.” It is the axis of coordinates that begins at birth; it is one’s first words, a mother’s voice, an intricate pattern of images that was used by our ancestors. Speaking about native language, it is important to realize that it becomes valuable if we value it. By this festival, we want to deliver the idea of the value of native language, of the awareness of belonging to a unique culture, and finding meaning and fulfillment in it.

The festival aims to create an educational opportunity for multiculturalism: to establish a warm atmosphere of mutual understanding without any conventions and stereotypes. KSTU students of different nationalities presented linguistic performances and recitations.  Local and international students showed their knowledge of the Kazakh language and heritage by speaking, playing traditional songs on the dombra, presenting classical Central Asian dances, and reciting poems in Kazakh. They also presented their own languages and cultures in a lively program of skits and arts, for the delight of vast assemblage of KSTU faculty and students.

The festival sought to draw attention to the variety of languages in the world. According to ethnographic data, there are 3-6 thousand languages in the world. Many people speak not just 2 or 3 tongues, but multiple languages. Each language is an authentic means of communication, in which to confess love, sing lullabies, share joys and grief, and exchange jokes.

Learning foreign languages as well as national languages facilitates understanding of the globe and one’s place in it. Speaking the words of another land can be an aid to career or leisure travel, a way into a new nation’s history, culture, mentality and even secrets. Learning foreign languages is learning to understand, to find a common language and gain respect among aboriginal peoples. That’s why one of the most important goals of the KSTU  language festival is stimulating interest in learning Kazakh and foreign languages.

Thanksgiving Day


This holiday is traditionally associated with family feasts, which  a turkey, as well as numerous snacks and cakes.

According to some estimates, on Thursday or Sunday more than 43 million people will travel at least 80 kilometers to spend the holiday with their families.

On Thanksgiving Day, religious services and important football matches are also held  in the youth and professional league.

The parade was attended by numerous bands and artists, and giant balloons in the form of various characters were  launched into the air.

It is generally accepted that the first Thanksgiving Day in the United States reported in 1621, when the first settlers in North America celebrated the harvest.


On November 29, 2012 students took part in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

Students performed their skills in the presentation of posters «What I am thankful for»,  knowledge of the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving Day!



Christmas – one of the most beloved American holiday. The celebration of Christmas in the United States lasts for more than two weeks. Without a doubt, this is the longest and the welcome party for the Americans, when everything shines with colored lights, one may see smiling people outside,.

These days, Americans are trying to decorate the house for Christmas and buy gifts for family and friends.


On December 12. 2012 Christmas celebration was held in our Department. Students showed theatrical, musical and dance skills.