Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu

15 April  scheduled event dedicated to the Day of the Kozy Korpesh Bayan Sulu was held by the teachers of the FL Department. As the part of this event presentation of different scenes in English from various international art performances was planned. The jury was made up from representatives of the FL Department.

a2MTtFu0sQk The hosters of the event, students of the group Arch-13-4

Apy-jAy7fG0 Winners of the event

9I4Kd2g94y0 Students of the group PO-11-4

IMG_7101 Participants, students of the group Sib-12-1

IMG_7105 Participants students of the group GD-13-1, S-13-2

IMG_7111 Students of the group Diz-13-2