International scientists



Foreign scientists

56 scientists from Canada, China, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Armenia, The Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Germany and Uzbekistan were invited for conducting presentations, lectures and scientific seminars at KSTU 2010-2011 according to order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan by attraction the best foreign scientists and teachers to the leading Kazakhstan universities under cooperation agreements.

International scientists

Daniel Churchill
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, Head of department “Information technologies in education” of Hong Kong University (Hong Kong, China)
Pokrytan P.A.
Professor of Political Economics department of MSU by Lomonosov (Moscow, the RF)
Hoat Joey Pam
Associate professor of “Buildings and constructions design” department of Hong Kong University
Michaud Gerard
Professor of Nancy university, France

Vincent Tham

Doctor, PhD of Hong Kong University (China)

Liseychikov N.I.
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, member of the Military Sciences Academy of the RF