International cooperation

Mechanical Engineering faculty


International activities of the Machine Building Faculty (MF) is carried out by business and friendly relations with international partners. It is expressed in the invitation of foreign scientists, participation in international programs, internships, graduate, doctoral students and faculty.

International Partners Institute.

Chairs MF is actively working with the following foreign partners:

– Department Metallurgy, Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MMiN) works: from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (Russia) (the arrival of foreign scientists, scientific management of doctoral scientists MISA, joint research);

from Louisiana Technical University (USA) (PPS internship and masters, the arrival of foreign scientists);

with the University of Nancy (France) (PPS internship and masters, the arrival of foreign scientists, coordination agreements dvudiplomnom education in the specialty 6M070900 Metallurgy, mobility of students, undergraduates, doctoral students).

with the St. Petersburg State Technical University (academics and postgraduate training, the arrival of foreign scientists, the mobility students, undergraduates, doctoral students);

from Tomsk Polytechnic University (PPP internship and graduate);

with the Graduate School of Zittau-Görlitz (Germany) (PPS internship and graduate);

Navoiisky State Mining Institute (Uzbekistan) (the arrival of foreign scientists);

Altai State Technical University named after Polzunov (Russia) (the arrival of foreign scientists);

Department maintains close scientific and educational relations with the profile department of Moscow State Open University. Jointly published three textbooks written by the Yixing DC (KSTU), Smolkin, AA (MGOU) Batishev KA (MGOU) as well as the planned publication of a textbook and a monograph by the authors of Isin DC (KSTU), OA Sharoi (KSTU), Smolkin, AA (MGOU) Batishev KA (MGOU) ;

with the South-Ural State Technical University (the arrival of foreign scientists)

Agreed agreement on creative collaboration with the University of Toulouse (France). The representative of Professor Christopher Loren arrives at KSTU in late April of this year.

According to the agreement on the opening double degree education in the specialty 6M071000 – Materials science and technology of new materials in early September this year, the university is expected to arrival of Professor Alan nitrogen, the University Paul I Verlaine, g.Mets. (France)


University professor Nancy Gerard Michaud KSTU

– Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (TM) cooperating with the Belarusian national Technical University of joint scientific and technical cooperation projects under the Research and Education Consortium between universities and research institutions of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan;

from Tomsk Polytechnic University for educational services in the field of vocational education, the arrival of foreign scientists, scientific management graduate, joint research, academic mobility and training undergraduates;

with Lessius University (Belgium) (co-operation in science and education, mobility between universities, graduate and doctoral training)

with the St. Petersburg State Technical University (academics and postgraduate training, the arrival of foreign scientists, the mobility students, undergraduates, doctoral students);

with Tula State Technical University (on cooperation in science and education, the arrival of foreign scientists);

g.Tsittau with the Technical University (Germany) (doctoral training);

with Vilnius Technical University (internship PPP);

with Kazan State Technological University (the arrival of foreign scientists);

of Kemerovo State University (the arrival of foreign scientists).

– Department Welding and Foundry (P and LP) collaborates with the Italian-Kazakh company ERSAI. In October yabre 2008 on the industrial base in the village ERSAI Kuryk 80 km from Aktau was drafted and signed a memorandum of cooperation and KSTU ERSAI LLP. In accordance with the memorandum are planned:

– KSTU training of young specialists in welding for ERSAI;

– Delivery LLC ERSAI modern welding equipment in the welding lab KSTU to create a joint interdisciplinary Welding Training Center;

– educational and methodical assistance to teachers KSTU in the theoretical training of welders and specialists in the training center ERSAI LLP;

– professional development of teachers.

by the Welding Institute in Kazakhstan, on the instructions of the President of France from the beginning of 2010 deals with French oil company TOTAL (TOTAL E & P KAZAKHSTAN).

Objectives of the Kazakhstan Institute of Welding:

– represent Kazakhstan in the International Institute of Welding;

– to unite all the organizations and representatives of the welding and harmonize training courses;

– to act as Commissioner of the National Authority;

– to issue diplomas and certificates are internationally recognized.

In view of the world experience of welding engineering and science, training and specialized welding institutes in industrialized countries of Kazakhstan Institute of Welding should be focused on the following activities:

– development and research for the industry of Kazakhstan;

– training and certification of welding personnel at all levels and qualifications;

– engineering services and to introduce modern welding equipment, technologies and materials;

– non-destructive testing and diagnostics of welded structures;

– calculations, design, expertise and advice.

In July 2011 the Kazakhstan Institute of Welding was admitted to the International Institute of Welding.

from 16 to 20 January was a working meeting of the Commission of the International Institute of Welding. The meeting was held in the building of the French Institute of Welding in the northern part of Paris. The meeting discussed the program in 2012, documents the certification of welders.



Session Commission Training and Certification IAB

Department of Foreign Languages ​​(FL) works with foreign publishers Macmillan (London), the result of this work was held in October 2011 training Authenticity in English Language Teaching for PPP department to develop and implement innovative component in the educational-methodical documents on the basis of the authenticity of foreign language c ‘s participation of the British tutorial Inside Out Professor Sue Kay from the University of Oxford. Work is underway to develop training manuals for the discipline of a new generation of foreign language;


Professor Sue Kayc Department of Linguistics and PPP

PPP department are members of the National Association of Teachers of English Kazakhstan (Nateq), led by the Assoc. Dzhantasova DD Nateq is a society of teachers and English teachers in Kazakhstan, which aims to improve educational standards and providing social support for rural teachers, small schools ( http :// ).



Nateq Plenary Conference on the basis of KSU. Korkytata (Kyzylorda)


Registration for the conference based on Nateq TSU (Taraz)

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages ​​Caves TF a member of the Russian Union of German studies (Russia), Associate Professor Beisembayev ST is a multiplier of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD (Germany), br. Department Dzhantasova DD is a member of the International Consortium on Didactics of computer CALICO (USA), International Union of American teachers of English TESOL (USA) and the European Association of Teachers of English IATEFL (England). The result of the work in these international organizations is to work together in the study and application of foreign and domestic research findings and implementation of educational and methodological advances in the learning process of foreign languages.






International Programs

Won three grant for internships program ERASMUS MUNDUS ( MANECA ) the mobility of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, postdoctoral and faculty of Central Asian countries to the EU members of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Zhetesovoy GS, Zharkevich OM, undergraduates Tattimbekovoy B . O.

developed educational and operational plans for the educational program design and creation of nano-satellites in the framework of the European Tempus 4


obtained a grant of the international program English Language Fellow the U.S. Embassy for the invitation of Professor of English as a lecturer at the Department of Linguistics at the academic year 2012-2013;


obtained a scholarship CELTA – Cambridge Certificate in foreign language teaching (Master Bulahtina OY);


Scientific-methodical design of the British Council with support from RK Official Development Assistance ( ODA ) – Official Development Assistance (ODA) is aimed at improvement of the technology learning English as a foreign education system in Kazakhstan at all levels (Dzhantasova DD – Coordinator of the Central North Kazakhstan region), January-March 2012;


International Project Goethe Institute DaF Unterricht , its purpose is professional development of teachers of German as a foreign language as part of the Republican Congress (Associate Professor Beisembayev ST – multiplier Goethe Institute), November 2011 is planned to participate in the PPP Department Republican Scientific Seminar on current issues DAAD German Studies in May 2012.;


result of cooperation with the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan was the teaching activities of the American specialist Milissy Murphy (University of Wisconsin) in the department (November 2010 – November 2011.), as well as a project to improve the skills PPP Department Seminar for Women s Professional Growthin Teaching under five coaches Peace Corps Volunteers (September 2011).


coaches, volunteers of the Peace Corps c PPP Department of Linguistics

Foreign scientists

The project invitation of foreign scientists from 22.6 to 29.6.2011 read lectures and conducted workshops staff, undergraduates and doctoral students, faculty KSTU professors at the University of Nancy (France) Zh.Misho, M.Shvistekom. From 23.06 to 29.06.2011, the professors of the department of technology of metals and casting processes, Moscow State Open University, AI Batishev and AA Smolkin read lectures and consulted staff, undergraduates and students, faculty chair MMiN.

with 22.11. on 29.11.2011 was read lectures and conducted workshops staff, undergraduates and students, faculty KSTU Professor of South-Ural State University (Russia, Chelyabinsk) Roschin VE And with 24.11. of 01.12.2011g. professor of metal technology and foundry processes, Moscow State Open University, CA Batishev and professor of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (Russia) Kosnikovym GA Read lectures and consulted staff, undergraduates and students, faculty chair MM and NN

12-13 December 2011. met a professor at the University of Nancy (France) with Zh.Misho responsible for the master’s chair Kwon Sv.S. and provost of SD Egorov VV on dvudiplomnom education.


Roshchin Professor VE, GA Professor Kosnik, Professor Batishev KA, (right left) at the plenary session of the international Scientific Conference of Mining and Metallurgical Complex in Kazakhstan: Problems and perspectives of innovation development


Batishev Professor KA at the close of the International Conference

From 27/10/2011 to 03.11.2012gg. for the lecture PPP, students, masters and doctoral engineering technology has been invited professor at the Tashkent State Technical University (Uzbekistan) Alikulov Dzhavlan Ergeshovich.

in April 2012 to deliver lectures, conduct workshops, coordination of joint cooperation between universities, scientists are expected to arrive, Prof. YN Oteny (Russia) in September 2012 Ph.D., Professor OG Devoino (Belarus).

As part of the invitation of foreign scientists visited KSTU Professor Daniel Churchill, director of information technology education at the University of Hong Kong. D. Churchill Professor lectured in the amount of 46 hours for the Department of Foreign Languages ​​PPP on current issues E Learning (e-learning) and Pedagogical Design (pedagogical aspect in the development of digital learning technologies); briefing ” Teachingin the Digita l Era “(Teaching in the digital era) for the PPP and the University with the participation of Kazakhstan Reading Association, speech at the scientific seminar on the topic University of the 21 st century (University of the 21st century).


Professor Daniel Churchill of PPP Department of Linguistics


Professor Daniel Churchill at the close of the conference

Problems and methods of formation of Kazakhstani patriotism

among today’s youth

February 15, 2012 about rganizovana and held a meeting with a delegation from the Korean Institute of Technology Color Metals, National University of Kangnung-Wonju

(city Gangneung, South Korea). The delegation met with the PPP, students, masters and doctoral students of the Institute Mashinostroenie eniya and Mining Institute to discuss issues cooperation in the following areas:

– leadership doctoral

– PPP and staff training institute

– academic mobility of students

– joint research


delegation from South Korea at the workshop


meeting of the delegation from South Korea in a conference hall with the students, undergraduates, doctoral students and faculty of Institute of Engineering and Mining Institute

Abroad Internship PPP, doctoral and masters

on the faculties of the institute has successfully implemented the foreign masters and doctoral training:

April 2011 – graduate Platonov ES Belousov, VS, NN Aidarbekov were trained in modern methods of investigation of crystals at the University of Nancy, France;


Master students Platonov ES Aidarbekov N. Belousova and B. nanofilms grown in the laboratory, the University of Nancy (France)


Master students Platonov ES Aidarbekov N. Belousova, and east to

plant for the production of pipes Saint Goban a professor at the University of Nancy Gerard Michaud

19-28 June graduate of MBM-10 Dostaeva A., and A. Kuszhanova graduate of an STM-10 N. Bykov, Tattimbekova B., M. Leshchenko trained at the center of Prague;

6-16 November undergraduates Tulegenova SN, Kultanova MT, E. Sultanbekova trained at the center of Prague, Czech Republic.


Master students Dostaeva A., B. Tattimbekova, Bykova NV, Leshchenko M. Kuszhanova A.

on training in the center of Prague, Czech Republic


Master students Tulegenova SN and E. Sultanbekova with professors of Prague Development Center

4-16 December – Graduate Muhangaliev Yernar was trained at the Moscow State Open University


Muhangaliev Yernar Master of Technology in the laboratory casting

proizvodstvaMoskovskogo Institute of Steel and Alloys


Master of Muhangaliev Yernar with professors

Moscow State Open University

undergraduates MSM -10-1 GA Novikov, AN Tkachev, Iskakov B . K. Moldagali BJ, Zhunusbekov DS – were trained in the Belarusian National Technical University e (BNTU)

in October 2011 doctoral students of the DPA-10 Muraviev JO, EA Telenkova and doctoral student group METD Isagulova DA-10 – Have been trained in Germany, Graduate School of Zittau – Goerlitz, University of Applied Sciences


Doctoral Isagulova D., and E. Telenkova Muraveva south to

internship at the Graduate School of Zittau – Goerlitz, Germany

Participation in international scientific seminars and conferences

1. Master of the group STM-10 Tattimbekova BO and doctoral candidate of the DPA-10 EA Telenkova undergo six months training in an international program ERASMUS MUNDUS ( MANECA ) in Belgium, the Institute of Engineering DeNayer

2. 28-31 March 2011 Graduate of MBM-10 Kuszhanova Altynai participated in the International Conference Education Without Borders in the United Arab Emirates, the cat of swarm was attended by over 400 participants from 120 countries the world. At this conference, Kazakhstan for the first time took part, the representatives of our country were named after Al Farabi Kazakh National University and KSTU. The conference discussed the current issues and problems of technical education at the international level.


of Master of MBM-10 Kuszhanova Altynai on international

Conference Education Without Borders , United Arab Emirates


Certificate issued Kuszhanovoy Altynai for active

participate in the International Conference, United Arab Emirates

3. As part of the academic mobility of students and teachers in the Department of Graduate METM-11 Dalabaev Diaz leaves to study in Italy, in Turin Politecnico di Torino , Assistant Professor EM Azbanbaev an internship in Italy, in Turin Politecnico di Torino for 2 months.