Discipline «Informatics» is one of the general subjects for students of all specialities.

The purpose of discipline is to acquaint the students with theoretical and practical information, reflecting the main trends of Informatics, with discrete mathematics, give a clear view of architecture of computing systems, the operating systems and networks, to teach students skills in constructing algorithms and flowcharts, to acquaint with basics of computer graphics.

Tasks of discipline: Teaching students basic algorithmization of tasks, build efficient algorithms and use of software packages; explore the possibilities of modern information technologies and their development prospects; research status and prospects of hardware and software of computers and computer networks.

As a result of the study of the discipline, students:

– must have a vision about tasks of discipline, the main development trends of Informatics, new information technologies, methods and techniques for constructing algorithms and flowcharts;
– must to know about basic concepts of computer science and informatics structure, location of Informatics in the sciences, fundamentals of discrete mathematics, basic concepts of architecture, COMPUTER memory device and development tendency of COMPUTER architecture;

Мust be able to:

– develop new knowledge of all sections of Informatics;
– working with multiple external devices;
– work with packages of applied programs General-and special-purpose;
– programming tasks in high-level languages;
– use of computer networks and modern telecommunications;

Get practical skills by:

– working on the use of modern software;
– using of modern computing, communication and information systems;
– methods of developing algorithms and flowcharts to solve tasks;
– to own methods of work in local networks and telecommunications;
– to own methodology for constructing mathematical models and their computer realization.