Department «Physical training»

The Department of the Physical Education was founded in 1953. As an academic discipline Ph.Ed. is required for all specialties, it provides a profiled physical readiness, education of the perceived needs of a healthy lifestyle, it is one of the ways of formation of the fully developed person and the factor of health improvement.

At the different times the heads of the Department were Y. A. Nee (1961-1966), A. P. Dyussenova (1966-1969), G. V. Zakharchenko (1968-1971), Z. Y. Yesmagambetov (1971-1978), V. A. Zubov (1978-1987), V. A. Senkin (1987-2010).

Since 2010 the head of the Department of the Physical Education is Amangeldy Akhmetovich Akhmetov.

A lot of wonderful teachers and coaches as A. C. Kim, G. P. Likhreva, B. M. Bezgachev, I. A. Knapp, A. Y. Pak, V. I. Malysheva and others contributed to the development of the department.

The quantitative structure of the department changed throughout the years. The greatest number of teachers in the department was in 1978-1980 – 36 teachers. The graduates from Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijan institutes of Ph.Ed. worked at the department, Penza, Petropavlovsk, Karaganda pedagogical institutes, the masters of sport: P. A. Basayev – wrestling, G. F. Yakub, N. A. Timershina – acrobatics, M. I. Cheremisina – track and field.

Currently, there are 22 teachers working at the department, 13 of them are senior instructors. Also 8 of them are coaches of the university teams: senior instructor N. G. Grishin – handball, instructor B. K. Rakhimbekov – kazakh wrestling, instructor S. B. Kuzhakhmatov – weightlifting, instructor Y. A. Okasov – soccer, senior instructor T. N. Perepelitsyna – men volleyball, senior instructor R. M. Sadenov – women volleyball, senior instructor A. S. Seysenova – women basketball, instructor O. Y. Cheryasova – track and field.

The senior instructor M. N. Komissarenko is the deputy commander of the regional headquarters of  SCT.

In order to improve physical education and the health of the youth and staff the sports and health camp “Polytechnic” was opened in 1961 in the forest region of Karkaralinsk. The efficiency of the physical exercises in the camp was improving by virtue of good natural factors and therapeutic properties of Karkaralinsk climate. The sports camp is the largest base of recreation for students and teachers of Kazakhstan. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess matches are held in the camp. A feature of the camp is a combination of the educational sessions (geodetic, geophysical, geological practices) with recreational and sport activities.

The chief of the sports camp “Polytechnic” from 1987 to 2004 was  senior instructor S. P. Podkapayev. From 2005, the head of the camp was senior instructor R. M. Sadenov, who works a lot for camp organization in summer time with department’s instructors A. Z. Yelemesov, Y. A. Okasov.