History of the faculty

The 70-year history of the Mining Faculty of the Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov begins from the moment it was opened in 1953, along with the formation of the Karaganda Mining Institute. The first deans were Petr Ivanovich Kiryukhin and Aleksey Nikolaevich Lebedev, who for eight years, until 1961, laid the brunt of the first steps in the formation, creation of human resources, material and technical base, construction of educational buildings and dormitories, as well as the methodological basis of education faculty disciplines.

A great contribution to the development and formation of the Faculty of Mining and the training of highly qualified mining engineers was made by Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Hero of Socialist Labor A.S. Saginov, who headed the institute and the department “Development of mineral deposits”. Now Karaganda Technical University has been named after him, which is the pride of the entire team, both the faculty and the university as a whole.

Saginov A.S., Obukhov Yu.D., Kashikov Sh.K., 1978

In subsequent years, the deans of the Faculty of Mining were: Lebedev A.N. (1957-1962), Kenzhin Z.M. (1963-1964), Samsonov M.T. (1964-1968), Valstein G.I. (1968-1988), Smagulov Z.M. (1988-2000), Samartsev G.I. (2000-2004), Isabek T.K. (2004-2008), Baimuldin M.K. (2008-2009), Obukhov Yu.D. (2009), Arystan I.D. (2009-2014), Ozhigin S.G. (2015-2018). From 2018 to the present, the faculty is headed by Ph.D. Zholdybaeva G.S.

Dean Gennady Isaakovich Valshtein and his deputies, Ibatolla Dairovich Arystan (1982-1989) and Farit Kamalovich Nizametdinov (1987-1991) and others who worked with him actively and with great dedication for a long time, left a noticeable mark on the development of the faculty, and others, who subsequently effectively used gained experience and skills in the organization of educational, scientific and educational work, heading various departments of the university.

During this period, a new mining building was built, educational laboratories were equipped with new stands and educational devices, a large number of teaching staff defended doctoral and candidate dissertations. For the first time, the institute began training mining engineers in the state language. The faculty has consistently occupied a leading position among the faculties of the university.

Asset of the Mining Faculty, 1980: 1st row – Grashchenkov N.F., Obukhov Yu.D., Valshtein G.I., Suslov V.V., Ermekov M.A.; 2 row – Sattibaev A.S., Borisenko Yu.N., Podorvanova N.S., Fesenko A.A., Anisimov A.N.; 3 row – Root E.G., Khodzhaev R.Sh., Mamontov A.Ya., Selivanov A.M., Akhmetzhanov B.A.

The first graduation of mining engineers took place in 1958, and in just 70 years of its existence, the faculty has trained more than 20 thousand mining engineers.

Today, this is a modern, located in a separate building, subdivision of the Karaganda Technical University – the Faculty of Mining. There are 4 graduating departments at the faculty: Development of mineral deposits (head of the department, associate professor, PhD Imashev Askar Zhanbolatovich), Mine surveying and geodesy (head of the department, corresponding member of the NAGN RK, Honorary Worker of KSTU, Ph.D. Khmyrova E. N.), Geology and exploration of mineral deposits (Head of the department, PhD Isataeva Farida Muratovna), Mine aerology and labor protection (Head of the department, associate professor, Ph.D. Zholmagambetov Nurbek Rysbekovich).

During the existence of the faculty, the list of educational programs for training specialists has significantly increased in accordance with the needs of the country’s national economy to improve the economy and improve the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan.

The introduction of new innovative educational programs and technologies at the departments of the faculty is achieved by the development and implementation of 5 EP Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering, Geodesy and Cartography, Geology and Mining Engineering, Ecology, including the remote online program of St. Petersburg Mining University with the support of the UNESCO Center for Postgraduate Support engineering personnel according to the system of international professional attestation and certification.

The high level of training of specialists for the production of mining industries directly depends on the quality of the teaching staff of the faculty and the university as a whole. The faculty of the Mining Faculty consists of 113 people, including 8 Doctors of Science, 35 Candidates of Science, 18 PhD, 44 Masters. The average age of the teaching staff is 43 years, the level of degree is 53%. The Faculty has created and effectively operates the Dissertation Council in two areas: “Mining” and “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits” to defend dissertations for the degree of Doctor of PhD. Every year, up to 10 PhDs are successfully defended at the dissertation council, thereby replenishing the youth personnel reserve of the faculty, university and other universities of Kazakhstan.

At the faculty, within the framework of international cooperation, the departments invite foreign scientists from universities with a high h-index, such as Ostrava Technical University (Czech Republic), Poznan Technological University (Poland), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine), Center for Russian and Central Asian mineral research (Russia), etc.

Within the framework of the “Corporate University” consortium, economic contractual work is carried out on orders from such enterprises as the Department of Management of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Zhairemsky GOK JSC, KazZINC JSC, Sokolovsko-Sarbai Production Association JSC, etc. Annually, economic contracts are concluded by the departments of the Mining Faculty in the amount of more than 200 million tenge.

Every year, the qualifying stage of the student league of the largest International Championship “Case-in” (Moscow) is held at the Karaganda Technical University named after A. Saginov to solve engineering cases in the field of mining.

Having a very rich history, replenishing the ranks of the mining industry with highly qualified personnel, constantly improving and developing, the Mining Faculty will continue to be one of the leading divisions of both our order-bearing university and other technical universities in our country.