History of the faculty

History of the Mountain faculty!

The mountain was formed in 1953 simultaneously with opening of mountain faculty, that, in subsequent, was regenerate in a polytechnic faculty (КаrPTI)   and then reorganized in the Karaganda state technical university (KSTU).

In more than 65 of the existence a faculty repeatedly became the winner of all forms of competition and was in the number of the best educational subdivisions of KSTU on preparation of highly skilled specialists.

In connection with development of faculty – strengthening of his material and technical base, opening of new specialities, increase of contingent of students and quantity of faculty advisors, on the base of mountain faculty 6 producing departments were created.

A mountain faculty always was and remains a center on training of personnels of mountain profile not only for Republic of Kazakhstan but also for many regions of countries the CIS. The graduating students of mountain faculty successfully work on many mining enterprises, head large associations, joint-stock companies, MPC, work in the field of higher education, business and management.

high percent of degree of faculty advisors of faculty allowed to open the Dissertation council of defence of candidate’s dissertations of mountain profile, and in 1995 and the Dissertation council of defence of doctoral dissertations that today function successfully and bring in a deserving contribution to training of scientifically-pedagogical personnels of University.

At different times a faculty was managed by deans: P.I. Kyriuhin, А.N. Lebedev, А.F. Kremenchutskyi, Z.М. Kenshyn, М.Т. Samsonov, G.I. Valschtein, Z.М. Smagulov, G.I. Samartsev, М.К. Baimuldyn, Y.D. Obuhov, S.S. Kulnyaz, Е.S. Utenov of I.D.Аrystan, А.Zh.Imachev, А.Т.Oralova. Presently the dean of mountain faculty is G.S.Zholdybaeva.

The modern state, basic achievements and large prospects of mountain faculty of steel, is possible also  in a great deal due to innovative and fruitful labour of such personages – scientists and teachers, as N.F. Grachenkov, I.I. Popov, А.А. Ermekov, М.А. Ermekov, S.S. Кvon, R.P. Okatov.

Today the collective of mountain faculty is full forces, energy and fervour, and main, disposes a powerful material and technical, scientifically-laboratory and учебно-методической base, and also highly skilled научно- by pedagogical shots, aspiring to provide preparation of specialists of mountain profile for an economy, culture and administrative structures of sovereign Kazakhstan, capable successfully to decide tasks twenty the first century.

Presently on a mountain faculty preparation of specialists is conducted on four producing departments.

Department, “Working mine of minerals” carries out preparation of bachelors on two  specialities “Mountain business” on four trajectories (to directions) :

it is an openwork of deposits of minerals;

it is underground development of deposits of minerals;

it is mine and underground building;

it is surveyor business.

Oil and gas business” is technology of booty and processing of oil and gas directionally

Department “Surveyor business and geodesy” conduct preparation of bachelors on two specialities:

“Mountain business” is surveyor business directionally;

“Geodesy and cartography” on three trajectories:

it is a geodesy and cartography;

it is the applied geodesy;

it is aerial photography.

Department “Mine aerology and labour protection” conduct preparation on speciality ” Safety of vital functions and defence of environment” on three trajectories:

it is safety of vital functions;

it is defence in emergencies;

it is ecological safety and defence of environment.

Department “Geology and secret service of deposits of minerals” carry out preparation on speciality “Geology and secret service of deposits of minerals” on three trajectories:

are geophysical methods of searches and secret service (oil and gas);

are geophysical methods of searches and secret service (ore);

it is a geological survey, searches and secret service of deposits of minerals.