Department of «The technology of communication systems»

Since 1997 the training of high-educated experts, using  interneal  and uninternal  forms of education in such actual and modern specialties as “Automation, telemechanics and communications”(by branches), “Software of computing technics and nets”,  “Automatic electrical connection ” is the deal of Karaganda Institute of Technics of Systems and Business (ITSB), which was under the chief of Karaganda State Technical University(KSTU).

In 1998 ITSB was included in educational-methodical complex of KSTU. The first Head of Institute  – professor, PhD, Academic of International Academy  of Information  (IAI) M.R. Nurguzhin. Since September of 2000 ITSB was headed by senior lecturer , CTS, corresponding member of IAI N. A. Daniyarov.

In august of 2002 by Resolution of Government of RK new rules of licensing the educational activity are introduced. According to that KSTU Scientific Counsel’s decision about adding ISBT in the structure of KSTU and creating the faculty of telecommunication and connection(FTC) was set.

Since September,1 of 2004 under the influence of changing the list of specialties with accordance to the new classification and optimization of  organizational structure, the FTC was terminated, and Chair of Connection Systems and Technologies was included into the body of faculty of electrical mechanics. N. A. Daniyarov was appointed as The Head of Chair.

Since September of 2006 until the December of 2008 the duties of Head of Chair was given to senior  lecturer Boiko G. A. because of CTS N. A. Daniyarov’s learning for the PhD degree.

From January till August of 2009 the Head of Chair appeared to be senior lecturer, Orazgaliyev G. S.

From September 2009 till September  of 2010 the duties of Head of Chair was given to Aikeyeva A. A.

 From October 2010 to January 2016 was head of the department Mehtiyev A.D.

Since January 2016 till 2017 Head of the Department was appointed V.V Yugay

From 2017 to August 2019, the head of the Department was Ph. D., associate Professor Mehtiyev A.D.

Since September 2019, the position of head of the Department is occupied by V. V. Yugay.