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  • Consent to the processing of personal data
  • Survey on “Rukhani Zhangyru”
  • Social portrait of a student at KSTU
  • Dormitory
  • Career and Employment
  • Student Application Form
  • Antiplagiat


Professional practice

  • Master’s Practice Diary (Download)


  • Questionnaire “Rukhani Zhangyru”
  • Sociological survey
  • Survey of Research Institute “PV”
  • Internet statistics
  • Distribution of grants and places in dormitories
  • Online questionnaire for students “Serpin”
  • Questioning on the topic “The effectiveness of the implementation of the Patriotic Education Model” The Formation of New Kazakhstan Patriotism “at KSTU
  • Questionnaire on the topic “Clean Session”
  • Survey on the level of corruption in the University
  • Questionnaire: “Teacher through the eyes of students»
  • “The threat of religious extremism in the perception of KSTU students»



For external student

Exam testing

Student AWP

Educational portal

All about your progress and attendance here

Tests on ISC

Career and workplacement


“Platonus” Institute of Higher Education Information System

Reference book for 2016 year

Academical schedule for 2016- 2017 years

The cost of training of senior courses

App for androd “Web terminal of KSTU”

National educational savings system


Анкетирование “Преподаватель глазами студентов”

Анкета «Этика взаимоотношений преподавателей со студентами»

Анкета для 1 курса

Allocation of grants and places in the dormitory