Educational work

Department of Vocational education and pedagogy

Educational work of the VT department is delivered in accordance to the plan based on the Model of patriotic education. All the members of department teaching staff are tutors of academic groups.

Educational work of the epartment is organized in the following directions:

– development of Kazakhstani patriotism and social activism;

– development of political and legal culture;

– protection and development of peoples’ historic and cultural traditions living on the territory of the RK;

– development of mass sports, positive attitude to healthy lifestyle, prevention of HIV- AIDS, and drug addiction;

Legal education is one of the educational work directions including the following events:

– to familiarize students with RK Law “About Education”, Higher School Statute, students rights and duties, Honor code of students and teachers and rules of internal regulations;

– to organize work on prevention of lawlessness, and namely, holding of talks and lectures, round-tables, debates etc.;

– thematic meetings on the realization of “Kazakhstan – 2030” Strategy and Message of the head of the country to Kazakhstani people;

– monthly issue of informative legal bulletin.

The questions of educational wok are considered at the department meetings by Udartseva S.M., head of the department, Abildinova M.M., council chair of tutors Committee, Alshinbaeva Zh.Y., deputy dean for educational work. There is week attendance of extra curriculum hours, the results of observation are discussed at department and institute meetings.

2018-2019 yy. – structure of educational work was reorganized by the unification of all department into one department of student’s self-administration – KarSTU students’ labor organization “Zhas Orda”. The basis of Students’ labor organization are labor students groups forming I the academic groups and combining into institute labor organizations. The organization with the Council elected by the Committee performs and coordinates activity in the following directions: study quality, patriotic education, social and legal activity, performance of mass cultural events, supervision of amateur talent groups, social and everyday problems at students’ dormitory, prevention of drug addiction, smoking, alcohol addiction and so on. Within the frames of organization activity there works debate club, Republic students’ movement “Kazakhstani students’ alliance”, students’ theater, charity organization “Akniet”, Club of Funny and Inventive, “Zhasyl El”, Students construction teams, where the students of Vocational training spatiality take an active part. It is well known fact, that the events where people take an active part are the most prominent for everybody. Therefore, there are done the attempts to involve all the students’ body in the social life of the institute, thus forming the emotional sense of involvement into the event.

Educational work is based on the plan approved by the director of the institute. According to the plan there are the following directions of senior tutor and tutors of academic groups activity:

– methodological assistance in planning and organization of tutor work;

–  analysis of tutors work and management of their activity;

– organization of students’ mass cultural and sport life (in collaboration with students labor organization);

–  celebration of remarkable and festive events;

–  discussion of students attestation results with the director of the institute;

– progress review of session results with analysis and suggestions;

– participation in the social-political events of KarSTU, city, region, republic.

Senior tutor works under the methodological and organizational supervision of the KarSTU vice- rector for educational work and the director of MTI (with the help of vice-director of MTI for educational work  Ashimov E).

There are “tutors files” for each academic group where is the information about academic group.

There is month report of tutor about students’ academic progress and attendance.

A lot of attention is paid to the students’ cultural and esthetic education. Students actively participate in Club of Funny and Inventive, competitions of amateur talent groups, sport competitions, conferences.

Students and tutors took active part in the residential care of KarSTU territory.

Within the frame of labor organization “Zhas Orda” there works debate club, Republic students’ movement “Kazakhstani students alliance”, students’ theater, charity organization “Akniet”, Club of Funny and Inventive, “Zhasyl El”.

Students of VT specialty took an active part in the ceremony of “Matriculation to students”

A lot of attention is paid to the healthy lifestyle promotion: meeting in academic group, seminars.

All the tutors carry out the educational work on prevention of alcohol, smoking and drug addiction:

– students’ meeting of VT specialty with representatives of Health Organization devoted to World AIDS Day.

Organization and performance of events for AIDS, drug and smoking addiction prevention with the assistance of medical staff, drug therapists, venerologists, etc.