Educational work

Department «Physical training»

Physical education is a special pedagogical process aimed at improving the health of a student, his physical development, physical fitness, mastering a set of motor skills, achieving results in a chosen sport, preparing for highly productive work and military service.

A large role in the system of educational influences belongs to various forms of physical education in the university, one of which is mass sports and physical culture and health work. The purpose of mass sports and physical culture and health-improving work is to attract students to additional physical exercises in order to train harmoniously developed highly qualified specialists.

Physical education in KarTU is an integral part of the national program for the formation of a general and professional culture of the personality of a modern specialist. As an academic discipline, mandatory for all specialties, it provides profiled physical readiness, education of a conscious need for a healthy lifestyle, is one of the means of forming a comprehensively developed personality, a factor in strengthening the health, optimization and psychophysical state of students in the process of professional training. Physical education at the university is carried out throughout the entire period of student education and is carried out in a variety of forms that are interconnected, complementing each other, and is a single process of educating students.

Physical education classes in the schedule grid: 1 course – 1432 people; 2 course – 1545 people. There are no exercise therapy and SMG groups this academic year.

At present, the sports complex of the university (total area 7564.5 sq. m.) is one of the largest sports facilities of the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in which not only the educational process is carried out, but also students have the opportunity to engage in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

The university has 4 gaming halls with a total area of ​​1894 sq. m. Two table tennis halls – 142 sq. m. m. and 182 sq. m. Weightlifting hall – 203 sq. m. Two halls for special groups and exercise therapy – 92 and 236 sq. mm. Wrestling hall – 65 sq. m. Chess club – 30 sq. m. Shooting range – 41 sq. m. Ski base – 30 sq. m. Outdoor sports facilities: two tennis courts – 648 and 800 square meters. m. Two artificial turf football fields of 1000 sq. m. m each. Mini-stadium (treadmills, jumping pits). 18 changing rooms for boys and girls, showers, etc.

In total, there are 14 teachers at the Department of Physical Education. Head of the department – Ph.D. Golovin I.L.

The Department of Physical Education carries out a daily educational process from 9.00 to 17.00 with full-time students. The weekly physical education load is 4 hours.

In the forest area of ​​the city of Karkaralinsk, there is a SOL “Polytechnic” with sports grounds, where sports camps are held by students – athletes of KarTU.

A feature of the work of the department is the combination of training sessions of mass sports and physical culture and health work.

In KarTU since 2008, by the decision of the Academic Council, by order of the rector, the Sports Club was created, which is a structural subdivision of the University. Staff – 2 people. The head of the club is Kunakh S.N.

Together with the sports club, the Department of Physical Education organized work in 14 sports sections in 18 sports (some sections are combined).

Classes are held for national teams, students living in a hostel, health groups and teaching staff of Kar TU.

Formation of a healthy lifestyle of student youth is a complex and year-round process.

This work is carried out by the Department of Physical Education, sports club, DMP, health center KarTU. The Rector of the University is in charge of this process. At the beginning of the academic year, the Vice-Rector for VR approves the plan of mass sports events for the academic year.