Educational work

Department «Physical training»


The educational work in the department of physical education is realized through the conversations with the students about the dangers of smoking and alcohol, the rules of behavior in the sport complex, the safety in the gym, etc. The curatorial work is held according to the schedule of  the curatorial hours, Saturdays and various cultural events are held too. According to the sport club plan the competition “Freshman” is held in 6 various sport kinds, also the is inter-institute  competition in 14 sport kinds.

In summer time, the members of the department of the Physical  Education continue educational work in the sport camp ”Polytechnic”, they accept students for the practice and resting people, organize the student meetings with the national parks, forests and fire department representatives, different cultural and sports events, camping in forests and near the lake.

Educational work is carried out at the Department of FW under the work plan, based on the models of patriotic vospitaniya.Vospitatelnaya work in the department is organized in the following areas:
– Education of Kazakhstan patriotism and citizenship;
– Raising the political and legal culture;
– The protection and continuation of the historical and cultural traditions of the people living in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Formation-round development, educated and highly cultured person, disclosure of creativity, organizational and other talents and abilities of students;
– The development of mass sports, the formation of a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and prevention of HIV-AIDS, drug abuse, etc.
Legal education is a type of educational areas of work includes the following activities:
– Introduce students (within the curatorial hours) with the Law “On Education”, Charter of the University, the rights and responsibilities of students, the Code of honor student and the teacher and the internal regulations.
– Organization of work on prevention of offenses (under curator hours), namely thematic talks and lectures, “round tables”, debates, etc.
– Thematic discussions on the implementation of the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2030” and the President’s message to the people of Kazakhstan.
– The monthly issue of the legal newsletter.
Questions of educational work considered at the meetings of the department.
In early 2012, the structure of the educational work of the university was reorganized by combining all relevant structures in a single body of student government – Professional Union of Students KSTU “Jas Horde.” The basic structure Trade Union students are student union groups, which are formed in study groups and unite in trade unions faculties. This organization is headed by the Chairman, elected by the Council (the supreme governing body) to implement and coordinate the activities in the following areas: quality of education, patriotic education, socio-legal work for holding cultural events, student leadership of amateur, social and domestic issues dormitory , prevention of drug abuse, smoking, etc. alkokolizma As part of the trade union work Debate Club, Republican student movement “Alliance of Kazakhstan students’ student theater, charity” Akniet “KVN” Zhasyl el “, student construction teams, in which the students specialty” Vocational Training “are active. As you know, the most important for any person becomes an event in the preparation and conduct of which he was directly involved. Therefore, the organization of events attract as many students, thus forming in them a special emotional sense of belonging to the event.
Educational work is based on a separate plan, approved by the dean. Under the plan, the main activities of the senior curator and curator following groups:
– Technical assistance in the preparation of plans, and curatorial work;
– Analysis of the curators and supervision of curators;
– Organization of cultural and sports life of the students (with KDM, student union);
– A celebration of important dates and holidays;
– Discussion of the results of assessment of students with the dean
– Summing up the session with the analysis and proposals;
– Participation in social and political activities KSTU, city, state, country.
Faculty curators monthly report on the state of progress and attendance.
Much attention is paid to cultural activities and aesthetic education of students. Students take an active part in KVN, amateur competitions, festivals, sporting events, conferences, participate in clubs KDM.
Students together with the curators involved in the work on landscaping KSTU, Saturday.
As part of the trade union “Jas Horde” run Debate Club, Republican student movement “Alliance of Kazakhstan students’ student theater, charity” Akniet “KVN” Zhasyl ate. ”
All supervisors to educate on prevention of alcohol and drug use, the harm of smoking: