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The chair of socially-humanitarian disciplines and Assembly of people of Kazakhstan actively conducts educational work. English philosopher J. Lock has told that «well-being of all people depends on correct education of children».

The international consent is a corner stone of universal safety, stability, forward economic, political, социокультурного and spiritual development of Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstan patriotism — this understanding state, Kazakhstan. It includes: feeling of attachment to those places where the person was born and grew; respect for the native language; care of interests of the homeland; manifestation of civil feelings and preservation of fidelity to the homeland; pride of its social and cultural achievements; upholding of its freedom and independence; respect for the historical past of the homeland and the traditions inherited from it; aspiration to devote the work, forces and abilities I will blossom the homeland.

In KarGTU it is created and the Program of patriotic education of the students which component is the Program of patriotic education of students on an example of the person of the First President of Republic Kazakhstan of N.A.Nazarbayev is actively spent. To composers of the program teachers of chair under edition of the academician of NAN РК of A.M.Gazaliev have the direct relation. Collections contains articles opening the various parties of many-sided activity of the First President of Republic Kazakhstan of N.A.Nazarbaev, the state, culture etc. the Major problem of chair and high school are perfection of educational work with a view of formation at young generation of such qualities as patriotism, civilization and social responsibility.  This program contains theoretical, legal justification and methodical recommendations about the organization of effective educational work in KarGTU. During implementation of the Program students get social and spiritual bases of sovereign Kazakhstan.

Various forms of educational work, including curator hours, «round tables», competitions of reports and papers, discussions, debates etc. are for this purpose used. It is very important, that received by students during educational actions information turned into a world outlook component of their personality. Therefore organizers of educational actions try to leave from formality.