Chair of “Social and Humanities”

The chair of social and humanitarian disciplines is the educational and scientific structural division of KARGTU which is carrying out educational, methodical and research work. Also carries out educational work among students, preparation of scientific and pedagogical shots and increase of their qualification.

The chair carries out activity on the basis of state standards of specialties. Standard programs on specialties, educational working programs, the curricula approved by the rector and according to the annual plan of work of chair. Annually the purposes in the field of quality are accepted by chair, and is analysed the purposes for last academic year.

In documents of chair the main theoretical and practical aspects of the scientific organization of educational process in the following directions are reflected:
– planning, organization, management of educational process;
– educational and methodical ensuring educational process;
– quality ensuring works and services;
– educational work with students.

The chair will organize, carries out educational, educational and methodical, research activity in the field of the high school preparation, the educations raising quality stimulating creative activity of teachers in educational and methodical and organizational work.

The chair realizes a goal by means of performance of the following functions:
– realization politicians KARGTU in the field of quality;
– implementation of requirements of SMK KARGTA;
– realization of the purposes of institute and chair in the field of quality:
– realization of stages of life cycle of educational services;
– organizationally the administrative;
– management of resources;
– monitoring, measurement, analysis and constant uchluchsheniye of educational services and processes of activity of division.