Chair of “Social and Humanities”

History of chair of socially-humanitarian disciplines inseparably linked with university history. It began 50 years ago when in college of mines the chair of Marxism-Leninism was formed. At various times chair was lead by senior lecturers O.M.Malybaev’s (1954-1957), K.I.Akulov (1957-1960), S.K.Dosmagambetov (1960-1962).

In 1960 independent chair of history of the CPSU was formed. It was  supervised by prof. D.A.Shajmuhanov (1960-1963), prof. M.K.Kulybekov (1963-1965). In 1965 managing was passed to doctor of historical sciences, professor D.A.Shajmuhanov again who led chair more than 10 years, before 1974 when he had been appointed as the rector of Karaganda pedagogical institute of physical training. Between 1974- 1997 chair was lead by doctor of historical sciences, prof. A.Z.Zhumasultanov whose working career had begun in time of the Great Patriotic War. After graduation Postgraduate studies in 1963 in KazSU A.Z.Zhumasultanov has started to work in KarPTI where started to work as head teacher then became head of chair. In the late eighties the chair of history of CPSU has been transformed to chair of political history, and in 1992 to chair of history of Kazakhstan.

In 1963 the chair of Marxist-Leninist philosophy which more than twenty five years was headed by prof. B.K.Kasenov has been formed. In 1958 he started to work at KarPTI as a teacher of chair of Marxism-Leninism, then worked as the senior lecturer of chair of political economy, and in 1963 was selected as a head of Philosophy chair. For success in preparation and education of engineering shots in 1972 philosophy chair has been awarded to participate in VDNH USSR, and manager of chair prof. B.K.Kasenov had been awarded by bronze medal VDNH USSR.

From 1998 to 1995 chair of philosophy was headed by senior lecturer A .M Karpenko  who was able to difficulties  for the university and higher education in all the country years to maintain the personal potential of the department,   to strengthen its methodical basis .

In 1967 the chair of scientific communism has been formed. At various times chair was managed by senior lecturer I.E.Gorokhov, L.A.Slavina, prof. V.A.Kim, senior lecturer N.N.Sheremet. 1986- 1997 chair was headed by senior lecturer V.S.Katarzhnov. These years the chair of scientific communism has been transformed at first to chair of the theory of a socialism, then – political science and sociology. In 1995 there was an association of chair of political science and sociology and philosophy chair.

Since 2003 head of the department of the( SGD) is a candidate of philosophical sciences associate professor Balshikeev S.b who has started teaching activity in KarPTI after the termination in 1989 the philosophical and economic faculty of KSU named after S. M Kirov

Since 2003 chair SGD the candidate of philosophical sciences, senior lecturer Balshikeev S.B. who has started teaching activity in KarPTI after the termination in 1989 of filosofsko-economic faculty KazGu of С.М is managing. Kirov. In 2008 there was a division into two chairs: socially-humanitarian disciplines and history of Kazakhstan.

Now chair of socially-humanitarian disciplines one of the largest at university.