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Department of «Сhemistry and chemical technology»


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Objectives of the educational program

Educational Program Development Plan

The schedule of duty of the faculty and staff of KSTU hostel number 1

The order of the organization of the educational process, the intermediate and final certification

Material base

Feedback from the employer

Certificates of Advanced Training of the Department of CaCT


In order to improve the quality of education of students, the following activities are held at the CaCT Department:


Development of material and technical base;

Introduction of innovative teaching methods;

Attracting foreign experts to conduct consultations, seminars and laboratory workshops;

Actively attracting students to business agreement, state budget and initiative scientific-research projects;

Creating interdepartmental connections;

Development of academic mobility of faculty and students;

Participation in the international ranking of specialties.

Cooperation with RSU


The Department of CaCT in the specialty “Enrichment of mineral resources” is equipped with the following laboratory equipment:


ball laboratory mill,

flotation machines with chamber volumes from 0.25-3 l,

jigging machine JMD-0,2;

concentration table TCO-0.5 EMR,

magnetic separator.

All these equipments are used during the laboratory work of disciplines.

“Basics of enrichment of mineral resources”,

“Processes of ore and equipment preparation”,

“Course scientific-research work”,

“Magnetic and special methods of enrichment”.


The specialty “Chemical Technology of Organic Substances” is equipped with a voltamperometric complex for carrying out laboratory work using the technology of project training; where virtual labs are used for virtual experiments.


The specialty “Biotechnology” is equipped with


dry heat drobe,

laminar box,

climate control camera,



pull out drobe,

binocular loops,

laboratory glassware,





a fridge.

This equipment is used in laboratory work in the disciplines.

“Fundamentals of Biotechnology”,

“Processes and devices in biotechnology”,

“Plant Biotechnology”,

“Biotechnology of microorganisms”.


The Department of C and CT in the specialty “Biotechnology” cooperates with enterprises included in the industrialization map within the framework of the SPIID-2: “Topar greenhouses”, “Natizhe Milk factories” LLP, Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP, “Aknar” LLP.

In the specialty “Enrichment of mineral resources”, the practice of students was held at the Zhairem Enrichment Plant, Nurkazgan EP, Arcelor Mittal Temirtau CEP “Vostochnaya”.


Specialty “Chemical technology of organic substances” students generally had practice in the Institute “New Materials”, as laboratory technicians, also in enterprises as LLP “Aiza”, “Chemical – Kazakhstan Petrochemical Company “, LLP “Pharmacy DD”, LLP “Semizbay-U”, LLP “Natizhe “.


These enterprises are the bases of production and pre-diploma practices of students of the department.