Academic Process

Department of «Сhemistry and chemical technology»

Laboratories of the department

In order to improve the quality of students’ education, the following activities are carried out at the department:

  • Development of the material and technical base;
  • Introduction of modern innovative teaching methods that meet international standards;
  • Involvement of foreign scientists in consultations, seminars and laboratory workshops;
  • Active involvement of students in contractual, state budget and initiative research works;
  • Creation of inter-departmental relations;
  • Development of academic mobility of teaching staff and students;
  • Participation in the international rating of educational programs.

As part of the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to attract foreign scientists, the department is visited by foreign scientists of the Tyumen State University, the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University for consultations, scientific seminars, master classes, lectures to students, staff and teaching staff.

Within the framework of the Agreement on the innovation and educational consortium “Corporate University”, the department successfully cooperates with enterprises such as “Natizhe”Sut Fabrikasy”, “KHMI named after Abishev”, “ABsalut Ecology”, the Institute of Organic Synthesis and Carbon Chemistry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Lad Komir”, the International Scientific and Production Holding “Phytochemistry” and other, also with foreign partner universities – Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tyumen State University. The results of cooperation are used in the educational and scientific activities of the department.

The department is equipped with the following laboratory equipment:

according to the bachelor’s degree programs 6B05101 “Biotechnology” and 6B05102 “Food Bioindustry”:

  • Biological safety box class II (type A2) BAvlp-01-Laminar-S-1,2 (code 221.120);
  • Thermostat;
  • Autoclave press automatic vertical;
  • OPN-8 centrifuge with a 180 L RU rotor;
  • MBS 10 Microscope;
  • IRF 454 B2M Refractometer;
  • Shaker;
  • Hladothermostat;
  • Climate camera “heat lighting”;
  • Homogenizer;
  • Magnetic stirrer without heating HI 180 F-2 Hanna;
  • Dispenser;
  • Steam sterilizer automatic GKa-25-PZ;
  • Monocular microscope XSP-104;
  • The Altami BIO 2 microscope.

according to the Bachelor’s degree program 6B07205 “Mineral enrichment”

  • Mill MSHL-1;
  • Laboratory magnetic separator for dry separation;
  • Concentration table SKL 2 with deck dimensions 600×280 mm;
  • Jigging machine – MOD -0.2
  • Flotation machine FML-1
  • Vibrating laboratory eraser
  • Laboratory jaw crusher DSCH 100×200.

according to the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program 6B07110, 7M07108 “Chemical technology of organic substances”:

  • voltammetric complex for laboratory work using project-based learning technology, where virtual laboratory work is used to conduct virtual experiments;
  • IR Fourier spectrometer FSM-2201;
  • COOLPEX microwave sample preparation and synthesis system;
  • Element analyzer PE2400 SERIES II;
  • Laboratory centrifuge;
  • Thermostat VIS-T-01;
  • SS2107 spectrophotometer with verification;
  • IRF 454 B2M Refractometer;
  • pH meter pH 150 MI;
  • Device for determining the melting point STUART SMP 20;
  • Installation for obtaining analytical quality water UPVA – 5;
  • Rotary evaporator of the IKA HB eco brand;
  • Monowave 400 microwave fusion reactor.

The moment of work of the assistant of the Department of Chemistry technology Makarenko E. behind the Altami BIO-2 microscope in the NOC “Bioengineering” in the direction of biotechnology. The work is carried out on the topic of the innovative project “Milk crusty”

Visit to the Research Institute “New Materials” by a member of the KU AO “International Scientific and Production Holding “Phytochemistry”, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, academician of the NAS RK Tuleuov B.I.

Student Amangeldinov A.A. OP “Mineral enrichment” launches a planetary fine grinding mill to conduct research on the contractual topic “Improving the efficiency of selective flotation of sulfide zinc ore on the example of the Akzhal processing plant”

(scientific circle “Mineral enrichment”)

Demonstration of the reaction to cations of the I analytical group by the teacher Tuktybayeva A.E. when performing research with students of the OP “Chemical technology of organic substances”

(scientific circle “Chemistry and chemical technology”)

Implementation of research “Determination of microorganisms in drinking water” by undergraduate students of the OP “Biotechnology”

(scientific circle “Biotechnology”)

The process of transplanting microorganisms to a fresh nutrient medium

when performing laboratory work on the discipline “Microbiology and virology” by a student of the OP “Biotechnology” in the NOC “Bioengineering”

Conducting a master class by the senior lecturer of the department of  Chemistry technology Kabylbekova G.K.

on the discipline “Fermentation production”

Conducting an open class by a senior lecturer of the Department of Chemistry technology

in the discipline “Molecular biology”

for students of the OP “Biotechnology”

Implementation of research “Determination of lactic acid bacteria in the drink “LIMES” by undergraduate students of the OP “Biotechnology”

(scientific circle “Biotechnology”)

Professor Kulakov I.V. (Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia) conducts master classes at the Research Institute “New Materials” on methods of betulin extraction for students of the OP “Chemical Technology of organic substances”

Lecture by Professor I.V. Kulakov (Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia)

on the topic “Actual problems of modern organic chemistry”

for students of the Department of Chemical Chemistry

An open laboratory lesson on the discipline “Chemistry” with the participation of a group of GD-20-3, on the topic: “The main classes of inorganic compounds” was conducted at the Department of Chemical Engineering by the teacher Karilkhan A.K.

Acting Associate Professor of the Department of  Chemistry technology Andreeva A.P. conducts an introductory tour to students in the NOC “Bioengineering”