A seminar on “Metrological provision of production”

From 29 June to  July 3, 2015 will host a seminar on “Metrological provision of production” which will  be held by “Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology (KazInMetr)” the Committee for technical regulation and Metrology of the Ministry on investments and development of Republic of Kazakhstan at the base of the International center for materials science of the University.

The seminar is open to all leaders of the LIP, NLCP RK, grantees groups of senior and Junior researchers, specialists of the University and the staff of the ICM.

The seminar will be held by  Chubrik, V. M., Kamalova E. I., Zhamanbalin M. B., Toleuov E. (staff of “KazInMetr”).

The workshop program is attached.

For participate in the workshop you must fill in and send the application toe-mail imsc_director@mail.ru (application form also attached) up to 15:00,  June 26, 2015.

The seminar is free of charge and conducted in Russian language.

At the end of the workshop all participants will be given certificates.

To download the program

Download application form