March 17, 2012, there was the intra high school quiz on information technologies of ЕРАМ Systems – 2012 among the students of 1-4 courses and masters KSTU., by  LLP «PLUSMIKRO» ЕРАМ Systems competence centre in Kazakhstan.

Participants of a quiz were offered to solve 7 tasks of programming and answer 20 questions.

The active participation in preparation and carrying out an annual quiz on programming was accepted Associate Professor of “Computer science “department, c.t.s. Kan Oleg Aleksandrovich. Also, Oleg Aleksandrovich was a member of the jury.

Judges, appreciating of tasks, considered efficiency of made algorithm, interface of the user and originality of the decision.

Prizes were distributed among participants, in decreasing order of the gathered points, received by them for offered solutions of tasks, proceeding from the maximum 114 points (70 tasks of programming, 44 questions).

Similar annual competitions are important way of support and motivation of students, where they can prove, and also realize their ideas. The huge contribution to development of this action was brought by the associate professor of Informatics – Kan Oleg Aleksandrovich. We express him huge gratitude, for the helped support and in carrying out competition which is so important for training of highly skilled experts in the field of information technologies of our university!