Аcting chair of history of Kazakhstan

Department «History of Kazakhstan»

Tleukabylova Kayir Samigullovna

Faculty of Innovative Technologies

Position: Acting head Department of IC

  1. Full name: Tleugabylova Kair Samigullovna
  2. Basic education. Qualification: “Historian. Teacher of history and social studies, 1987 graduated from the KarSU named after. E.A. Buketov
  3. Academic degree, academic title: In 2020 she graduated from the L.N. Gumilyov, academic degree “Master of Humanities”
  4. Work experience: 34 years
    In 1987. – Graduated from the Faculty of History, Kar State University. E. A. Buketova;
    Since 2001 – lecturer at the Department of History of Kazakhstan, Kar GTU;
    Since 2004, senior lecturer at the Department of History of Kazakhstan, Kar GTU;
  5. Courses taught: History of Kazakhstan
  6. 2003, 2005 – took part in the work of the UNT commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  7. Research interests: “National liberation movements of the Kazakh people at the end of the twentieth – twentieth century”, “Material culture of Kazakhs in the modern period”, “Problems of the process of education and upbringing of youth”
  8. Scientific achievements: For the period from 2001 to 2021, more than 70 scientific articles were published, including 2 in scientific journals Scobus, 6 study guides, 5 methodological instructions, 2 monographs, more than 18 electronic learning tools were certified