On June 23, 2021 Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts together with the painters of ” Yablonevaya Palitra ” community of Almaty opened the republican exhibition “Where-Where, in KARAGANDA!”, in which more than 20 painters from Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Aktobe take part and present their artworks

Ms. Zhanar Mukhataevna Tuleutayeva, Senior Lecturer of Higher Mathematics Department, Karaganda Technical University, together with the staff of Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts organized a round table “Where-Where, in KARAGANDA!” for 1 year students of Karaganda Technical University. The students were prepared for the event and with great interest presented their point of view on the state of development of fine arts in our country.

The exhibits, creative works representing many kinds and genres of fine arts: landscapes, still life, plot compositions, portraits, felt painting, graphics, lithography, etc., were the subject of vigorous discussion among the participants of the round table.

Students of group ТМО-20-1 Rakhmetullayeva A. and Әbushahman A. consider, and absolutely reasonably, that the symbol of the exhibition is the internal look of the Kazakhstan artists, reflection of their impressions, memories, connected with the Karaganda sights in different sides of life of the city and Karaganda region. Those moments, dear to the heart of the authors, who happened to visit Karaganda at least once or grew and studied in their youth. The participants of the event unanimously concluded that Kazakh fine arts has mastered the methodology of innovative trends.

It was interesting and informative to hear from Yeskendir N. and Bekezhanova Zh. about the Karaganda Circus, one of the most famous buildings in our city. On the roof of the building there is a statue of “The Girl on the Balloon”. This sculpture is based on a line of work by the famous painter Paul Picasso. Picasso befriended a French circus performer in 1905 and frequently attended rehearsals of the entire troupe. This acquaintance served as the subject of a future painting. The well-known work with more than century history was made in our city in the form of a sculpture and established in a well-known building of our city. Alexey Shaposhev, a talented painter from our city, created an image of the work with a brush and presented it at the exhibition.

Among creative works presented at the exhibition, the painting called ” Where-Where, in KARAGANDA” made special impression on students. The painting is based on a sculpture in our city ” Where-Where, in KARAGANDA”, which has become a famous phrase in social networks. Museum guide Aigul Abdrashevna Kazimova explained the history of the sculpture. The phrase is widespread in various Russian literary works. The phrase can also be found in the song “Karaganda” performed by the group “Dune”. On May 28, 2011 a monument to the famous phrase was unveiled in Karaganda. The monument is placed in the yard of one of the city restaurants. The monument of the first phrase in the world was awarded with the certificate of the Guinness Book of Records.

The round table participants expressed their admiration and gratitude to all the masters of fine arts who presented their creative works.