«The vision of applying mathematics in my future professional activity»

Report of the round table discussion
“The vision of applying mathematics in my future professional activity”.
Organisers: Yarullina A.R., Mustafina L.M., Abayeva N.F.
Date: 21.04.2021

One of the main questions that students ask is: “Why do we need to study mathematics and how will it come in handy in our future profession?”. On April 21, 2021 the teaching staff of the Department of Higher Mathematics, represented by assistant Yarullina A.R., associate professor Mustafina L.M., acting associate professor Abayeva N.F. decided to let students answer it independently in the distance form.

There were 60 participants of the discussion of 9 presented reports. Dean of Transport and Road Faculty Kurmasheva B.K., senior teacher of “Kazakh language and culture” department, deputy dean on educational work Ospangalieva M.T. were present among them.

The reports of the students were oriented on the application of mathematics not only within the specialty, but also in other fields of science. Thus the audience was acquainted with an important and significant role of mathematical sciences for the field of surveying, IT-technology, metallurgy, engineering, electric power, medicine, aviation and oil and gas. The discussion led the participants to the conclusion that mathematics is first and foremost an exact science. Its knowledge allows you to hold a position in the labour market, to be in demand, to be a competent specialist in your field in today’s world, and is a basic skill for perceiving the existing world.

The Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Roads, B.K. Kurmasheva, recommended that this type of event be held annually