Volunteer action “Give good!”

As part of the implementation of the state program “Rukhani Zhagyru”, on March 6, 2021, the curators of the Department of Russian Language and Culture of the Karaganda Technical University with the participation of students of curatorial groups, organized and conducted a volunteer action “Give good!”. The main purpose of the action was to provide volunteer assistance in the form of snow clearing on the territory of the house of elderly people “Blagodat”.

The nursering home founded in 2017 today has five buildings to date. Due to weather conditions, the territory was completely covered with a layer of snow, which made it impossible for people to go for a walk and made it difficult for the staff to work and move. The administration of the home for the elderly asked for help in clearing the surrounding area. Curators of the department Dokuchaeva N.V., Ivanova S.A., Baimamyrov S.A., Kabanova A.B., Kishenova A.Yu. responded to the request and organized work with the involvement of students from supervised groups: TS-19-1, TS18-1, Arch-19-3, ARCH-17-1, TS-20-1. 30 students took part in the volunteer action.

This action, which can become a good tradition, is an excellent opportunity to express words of gratitude to pensioners and elderly people for many years of conscientious work, rich life experience, kindness and wisdom.

At the end of the work, the administration of the home for the elderly handed a letter of gratitude for the assistance provided to the curators of the Department of Russian Language and Culture.

Participation in such volunteer actions contributes to the development of humanity, fostering a sense of mutual help and compassion in the younger generation.