Charity event “Give good!”

On March 4, 2021, the Department of Russian Language and Culture of the Karaganda Technical University held a charity action “Give good!” As part of the implementation of the state program “Rukhani Zhagyru”.The main goal of the action, carried out according to the conceptual principle of “Zhomart Zhurek”, was to provide charitable assistance to socially unprotected segments of the city’s population with the involvement of university teachers.

The initiators of the action were the head of department B.R. Ospanova and teachers of the Department of Russian Language and Culture, visiting the house of elderly people “Blagodat”. On the eve of the celebration of International Women’s Day, teachers organized gifts for the elderly in the form of fruits, juices, sweets, culinary products and other products.

The Home for the elderly founded in 2017 today has five buildings to date. The teachers visited the recently opened building, the number of guests of which varies from 10 to 30 people. It is worth noting that the old-timers of “Blagodat” are full of life and enthusiasm, they are kind and open-minded. It was easy and pleasant to have a conversation with them. They were often the initiators of the conversation themselves. They told our volunteers about their life, family and children. So, we learned that many of the guests have children, with whom we have not lost contact. According to people of “silver” age, one of the main reasons for their stay in the Home is specialized assistance and comprehensive care. It was no less interesting to listen the story about the labor activity of the guests. So, during the conversation, it turned out that among the guests of the House there is a philologist who devoted his life to the great title of teacher. In each of his words, one could hear a spiritually developed, loving and delicately sensitive person. From his lips poetic lines of A.S. Pushkin, M. Yu. Lermontov and other classics of Russian literature.

This action, which has become a good tradition, is an excellent opportunity to express words of gratitude to pensioners and elderly people for many years of conscientious work, rich life experience, kindness and wisdom.

At the end of the meeting, the organizing teachers congratulated the beautiful half of the residents of the nursing home on the upcoming spring holidays and wished them health, good spirits, warmth and care of the people around them.

Undoubtedly, such charity events should be held as often as possible, since they contribute to the development of humanity, fostering a sense of mutual help and compassion for one’s neighbor. Each person should remember that he can freely carry out charitable activities on a voluntary basis, individually or in association, with or without the participation of a charitable organization.

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