On March 1, 2021, celebrated in Kazakhstan as the Day of Gratitude, the opening ceremony of the branch of the regional headquarters of the republican youth movement “Zhagyru Zholy” was held at the Karaganda Technical University

In his congratulations to the people of Kazakhstan in honor of the Day of Thanksgiving, the Head of State K.K. Tokayev noted: “This wonderful holiday, announced by Elbasy at the session of the People’s Assembly in 2015, has acquired a special meaning and deep symbolism. Its values ​​embody the strong traditions of mutual assistance and indestructible unity of our people. Relying on them, we have revived statehood, overcame all the challenges and are approaching the 30-year milestone of our Independence with a large baggage of achievements in socio-economic development and in the international arena. ”

Within the framework of this event, a Memorandum of joint activity was also signed with the House of Friendship of Karaganda.

The opening of a branch of the regional headquarters of the youth movement “Zhagyru Zholy” on the basis of KTU will create a platform for fruitful joint work of student youth of different nationalities. This will strengthen the work on educating future specialists of friendliness, tolerance, strengthening interethnic relations.

More than 25 nationalities are represented in the thousands of teachers, staff and students of KTU. At the same time, regardless of their nationality, religion, each of them can reveal their scientific and creative potential.