Master – class on the topic “Fighting corruption is one of the key priorities of state policy”

Organizer: lecturer of Department of “Higher Mathematics” Mergembayeva A.Zh.

Date: 25.11.2020 y.

As an integral part of the development of public relations, corruption is viewed as a negative phenomenon that threatens political stability, national security, economic development, and the growth of the country. The extent of corruption spreading determines the level of country’s population’s confidence in the authorities, that is, corruption is the main problem that poses a threat to the stability of socio-economic relations in society. The fight against corruption, limiting its spreading is one of the key development directions of all countries of the world, including Kazakhstan.

“Corruption is the root from which comes at all times and under all temptations contempt for all laws.”

25 November 2020, by lecturer of the “Higher Mathematics” department Mergembayeva A.Zh. held a master – class on the topic: “Fighting corruption is one of the key priorities of state policy “. The distance form of the master class was attended by students of groups TT-20-2, Dean of the transport and road faculty, and the teaching staff of transport and road faculty. The total number of those present was 25 people.

“How to fight corruption?” is a question, the search for an answer to which does not stop in modern realities of life. For disclosure of the theme to the attention of those present the beginning of the master class was provided with a video, after which the students of the group TT-20-2 demonstrated scheme cluster “The set of homogeneous elements”. The student of the group TT-20-2 Taldybaev Madiyar prepared and read out a report on the topic: “Fighting corruption is one of the key priorities of state policy”, as a result of which a group practical work was carried out in solving problems from legal practice.

At the end of the master – class, a discussion was held: “How can one fight corruption and its causes?”. All students were active, each voiced his point of view and methods of fighting corruption in our state.