By the 185-th of Shokan Ualikhanov

Shokan Ualikhanov (Shokan Shyngysuly Uulikhan) is one of the outstanding figures among the Kazakh people of the middle of the 19th century. Scientist, traveler, ethnographer, folklorist, researcher of the history and culture of the peoples of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and East Turkestan. Professor N.I. Veselovsky said: “Shokan Shyngysovich Ualikhanov flashed like a brilliant meteor over the field of oriental studies: Russian orientalists unanimously recognized his phenomenal phenomenon”. 20 November 2020 year by the teachers of “Higher Mathematics” Department Shegebaeva G.E. and Zhurov V.V. was held a seminar, that was dedicated to 185 anniversary of Shokan Ualikhanov. The seminar was held in a distance format. The event was attended by students of groups LOG-20-2, LOG-20-2s, as well as the teaching staff of the transport and road faculty, the total number was 31 people. The event was conducted by a previously prepared scenario, according to which the students presented reports lasting 3-5 minutes. The event began with the report of Shafrik Ecatherina “Childhood and adolescence of Shokan”. Shafrik E. acquainted the participants with the historical roots, terrain where the scientist was born, who had an active influence on the formation of Shokan’s scientific views. The floor was given to Ber Artem, who expanded the topic “Officer Shokan Ualikhanov”, noted that after graduating from the Siberian Cadet Corps in Omsk, Sh. Ualikhanov was appointed as an adjutant of the Governor-General G.G. Gasfort, then ruled the Western Siberia and northeastern regions of Kazakhstan, and in 1856 at the request of G.G. Gasfort was promoted to lieutenant ahead of schedule. In 1856 Sh. Ualikhanov takes part in a large military scientific expedition led by Colonel M.M. Khomentovsky to Issyk-Kul. Beisekeeva Asem prepared information and voiced notes from the travel diary. Karpova Daria spoke about the intricacies and features of expedition and Sh. Ualikhanov in 1858 in Kashgar, the initiator of which was the famous geographer Semyonov-Tyan-Shanski, and the final resolution on the expedition personally gave Alexander II. In the period from 1859 to 1861 Sh. Ualikhanov lives in Saint – Petersburg, works in the Asian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lectures, helps scientists Ritter. About this period of Sh. Ualikhanov’s life Nadyrbay Nurzhan produced an informative and rich by illustrations report. Furthermore, Volokoncew Andrei spoke about activity the village and in Omsk, which began with the words, of G.N. Potanin “He loved his people … He wanted well for them, and serving the future of his people was his dream. ” About the last expedition of Sh. Ualikhanov in 1864 and the reasons for which he left it, reported Mukanova Aizhan. Klyukina Karina presented a report on the topic “Ualikhanov and the Kyrgyz epic “Manas””. In the presentation, the words of Sh. Ualikhanov and of “Manas”: “” Manas” has an encyclopedic collection of all Kyrgyz myths, fairy tales, legends, reduced to united time and grouped around one person – the hero Manas. The way of life, disposition, geography, religious and medical knowledge of Kyrgyz and their international relations found themselves, expression in this huge epic. ” Kenesbekova Darina voiced the works of Sh. Ualikhanov: “Essays of Dzungaria” (1861), “Kyrgyzstan” (1958), “Ablay” (1861), “Notes on judicial reform in the Kyrgyz of the Siberian department” (1904), “The western edge of the Chinese empire and the city Kuldzha”(1958) and others. Legacy of Sh. Ualikhanov has a priceless value for the people of Kazakhstan. Students Solod Alexander, Mukhazhanov Rustem, Lipasov Maxim spoke about the monuments installed by Sh. Ualikhanov named after him in the University of Kokshetau city, one of the main streets in the city of Atbasar (Akmola region) and in the center of Omsk (Russian Federation), a film about Sh. Ualikhanov, prepared slides with illustrations and stamps with the image of Sh. Ualikhanov. The event ended with a summary of Schneider Eduard about the responsibilities of Sh. Ualikhanov and his last year of life in the village Tezek and with a report on “Speculation about the death of Sh. Ualikhanov” of Zhilkaidarov Tamirlan. April 10, 1865, in the village Tezek at the foot of Altyn- Emel mountain range was cut short but brilliant life of the great Kazakh scientist, warrior and public figure Shokan Ualikhanov – Aristocrat of the Steppe, direct descendant of formidable Genghis Khan, of personality of many-sided and “multi-talented” nature.