Intra-university subject Olympiad in English as part of the implementation of the “Rukhany-Zhangyru” program and support for the Volunteer year in Kazakhstan

Report on the University student subject Olympiad

During February 17-21st 2020, the Department of Foreign Language held a University subject Olympiad in English as part of the implementation of the “Rukhany-Zhangyru” program and support for the Volunteer year in Kazakhstan – 2020. The aim of the Olympiad was to promote a foreign language among students, instill interest in the study of the language, its features and structure, inter-language relations, as well as increase students ‘ interest in social and scientific projects implemented through volunteer initiatives. The main objectives of the Olympiad were to  improve the level of education, develop the intellectual and creative abilities of students and increase motivation for further mastering the English language. The Olympiad was held in English. 64 students of the 1st course of all specialties of KSTU took part.

The first round was held in the format of a test aimed at testing lexical and listening skills (the test material is made up of original texts of English classical and modern literature). In the second round of the letter, participants were offered 3 essay topics on the program “rukhani Zhangyru”, where they expressed their point of view on the topics: “Trilingualism as a part of preparing a nation for life in the 21st century”, “Development of youth patriotism as the most important spiritual, moral and social value”, “Promotion of Kazakh culture , history and traditions in the global world” .

The second round was an indicator of the high social responsibility of the young generation. All participants approached the essay writing with interest and good knowledge of information. The criteria for evaluating the essay were according to IELTS. The third round was the most difficult.  Protection of projects on the theme “Social and economic effect of a volunteer in the technosphere”was organized.  To do this, participants conducted interviews with leading teachers of KSTU about the role of volunteering. The participants filmed the interview and presented it to the jury. The interview, according to the requirements of the Olympiad, had to be completely in English. In addition to the presented interview, the participants had to analyze their interview and make a conclusion about the effectiveness of volunteering in the technosphere. 

Winners of the Olympiad 

Participants Group Supervisor
1 place Bitiyeva Olga E-19-2 Botaeva A.U.
2 place Adykhanova Aisulu Аrch-19-4 Zhdanova E.A.
3 place Elemes Arailym SIF-19-2 Botaeva A.U.



Participants Group Supervisor
The best analysis Sarkissyan Arina Diz-19-2 Zhdanova E.A.
The best public speaker Abikenova Nazerke VT-19-1 Alzhanova A.Y.
The best research Serik Sauran EE-19-1 Abdykarimova G.M.