The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

Department of mineral development prepares specialists in different trajectories of learning.


Education programm  – «Mine and underground excavations»

Education programm “Underground mining of mineral resources”

Education programm  – «Surface mining operations»

Bachelor of Science Degree program in 5B070800 – Petroleum Engineering aims to produce graduates who are able to:
• Understand and apply petroleum engineering science and technology in the areas of drilling, production, reservoir engineering, formation evaluation, petrophysics and well completion
• Perform as engineering professionals in the areas of exploration, development and production of oil and gas fields; choose and apply well completion methods; develop and supervise automated control systems of technological processes in oil and gas companies
• Identify opportunities, solve engineering problems and make decisions.

Depending on the specialization the objects of the professional activities are: technologies of oil and gas fields development and operation; technical facilities, devices and tools for extraction and treatment of well production; oil and gas wells, maintenance of all stages of their construction; drilling rigs and production platforms; well testing; systems of transport of hydrocarbons, the main pipeline and flowline, pump and compressor stations, gas storage and oil depot. Graduates of the program can successfully engage in following kinds of professional work: research, industrial-technological and organizational-administrative.
Basic places for employment are: oil and gas production companies, service companies, research institutes, service companies for well complete overhaul operations, transportation and storage of hydrocarbons.

Compulsory course :
• Engineering and technology of oil and gas industry
• Petroleum geology
• Petroleum chemistry
• Equipment for oil and gas production
• Environmental control in oil and gas industry
• Drilling and drilling technology
• Well workover
• Development of offshore fields
• Well logging
• Building geostatic and dynamic model of the petroleum formation
• Construction and operation of gas and oil pipelines and storages

Career Opportunities:
• oil and gas industry
• Service companies
• Research and design institutes
• Enterprise workover
• Enterprise Transport and storage of hydrocarbons