Creating the military department

On the basis of the Karaganda Mining Institute was established a military department, by order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR № 1274 of 18 June 1953.

Military Department was created in order to prepare, from students, reserve officers for the Armed Forces, in the following specialties – the divisional commander of a platoon of artillery, and in 1958 introduced a degree of “Engineer of the construction and operation of bridges on the roads” and “engineer on the mechanization of road construction work. “

In 1964, the above mentioned specialties were cut and the officers of the military department began to prepare the reserve officers in the specialty, “the platoon commander of road engineering, bridge building and engineering departments of position” and “engineers and technicians for the design, operation and repair of engineering equipment.”

In 1980, was closed two majors: engineering and traffic engineering and positional units, and instead introduced a new specialty – the deputy. commander of a tank company of those. part of. And in 1981, was ordered to prepare the future of student platoon of medium tanks. From the above was written, it is clear that the emergence of the military department took place is difficult, given the fact that the whole learning process is constantly changed until 1981, and only since 1981, the Department has prepared the following specialties: “the platoon commander and an army corps artillery,” “the platoon commander medium tanks. “

In connection with the events of August 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, former Soviet republics have acquired the status of independent sovereign states. And one of the elements of statehood are the Armed Forces. Kazakhstan December 16, 1991, in accordance with the Act on State Independence of the RK has taken several steps to develop its armed forces on the basis of the technical parts and assemblies that are deployed on the territory of Kazakhstan until 1992. May 7, 1992 was published the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan “On establishment of the Armed Forces.” Experience has shown that the troops there was a question of lack of specialists and special equipment electro-order came the chief of staff for the number 59 of 10/03/2001 on the establishment of the military department Kar. NTU new cycle of “technical training of armored vehicles.” Maintenance, repair electro – special equipment and automation of armored vehicles, organization of maintenance and repair of armored vehicles, “the chief of which is currently the Lieutenant stock Doronin BB

Must take into account the fact that the times were such that the Ministry of Defense required under the statutes and orders her, Ministry of Higher Education called for her, and the Institute insisted. And here is where the heads of military departments are under pressure from the triple. This is especially felt in that moment, when it came to fees with students, decreasing in summer training camp for three months. In the subsequent time periods were cut taxes to 45 days and in real time charges were held for a period of 22 days. It is worth noting that any student that has passed field duties for a period of 3 months, could command a platoon, when it called for the troops. During the existence of a military department has released over 49 years, 15 728 officers. Many of our officers who have graduated from a military department, forever linked with the fate of the Armed Forces and had served in the former Soviet Union. These former students and current officers serving are Barinov Colonel Vitaly – the candidate of military sciences, senior lecturer at the Artillery Academy of Kalinin in St. Petersburg, Colonel Alexander Nikulin A. – Candidate of Military Sciences, a senior lecturer at the Artillery Academy Kalinin in St. Petersburg, Colonel Anatoly Lashkov Kupriyanovich – Head of the Missile Forces and Artillery / h 31 775, stationed in the Karaganda region, Colonel Vladimir Goryainov – Commander of Artillery, Col. Igor Titenok – Head of the Department of Artillery School in Yekaterinburg Colonel Eugene E. Tiutenko – Head 3 of Karaganda oblast military commissariat, Colonel Moschinsky Oleg Ivanovich – Deputy Fire Chief of the Karaganda region.

Thanks to the arrival of a new rector Saginova Abylkasa Saginovicha, who replaced the departed first rector Nurmukhamedova Kadyrovich Yunus, former managing Fedorovsky coal mine was transferred to Karaganda Mining Institute, where he settled a military department, and was promoted to the first issue in 1957, reserve lieutenant (platoon commanders, divisional artillery ) in an amount of 138 people,. If we take for comparison in 2001, it has been certified by 548 reserve officers. In August 1957, as Head w / c came to the n-Lev V. Sapozhnikov, a member of the Communist Party, a war veteran. Many put the effort and labor to prepare a new profession (engineer on the construction and operation of bridges on the roads) in March 1964, Colonel Lev V. Sapozhnikov left in stock, and in its place came the Colonel Ivan Bratko, from January 1965 to 1974. In February 1974 the head of the military department was appointed Colonel Nikolai Breus and he prokomandoval to 1979, from 1979 to 1982, chief of the military department was Colonel Brovchenko Mikhail Vasilievich, we note that all the heads of the department came from the troops and the rector of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute had to be of great help in the learning process, and in the acquisition and development of training facilities. At that time, it was necessary to agree on any issue with Moscow. In the best case of the State Central Asian Military District, and educational material resources of the military department is very expensive and due to persistence, insistence, persistence and considerable diplomatic tricks rector of the institute, and they then would Academician, Hero of Socialist Labor Saginov Abylkas Saginovich, the man who weekly paid attention to the military department. Summer camp fees were in the region of Spassk and n. Kapchagai. There had to prepare everything in advance and to concentrate and check. So to pay tribute, that the rector did not hesitate to eat from the same pot, what and how to feed the students, and sometimes present themselves in the classroom.

In March 1982 came the new chief of the military department, Colonel Viktor Golubev. In 1980, formed the only one at a time, a tank cycle by the military department of higher education institutions of Kazakhstan. With the arrival of Colonel Golubev started construction of a second two-story building, which housed classrooms, as well as tank gunners, storage and dining areas. And only thanks to the great help that the rector of the building was constructed and commissioned.

In December 1986 came the new chief of the military department lieutenant Titenok Igor and he remained until 1994.

In 1987 and 1994 by the Rector of the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute was the doctor of technical sciences, professor Alexander G. Lazutkin. The repair of the premises of the military department much of the credit, there is a military department chief Colonel Gurtovoy VI , Which is constantly and diligently work to improve the teaching and materialnoy base, the selection of officers, as many personnel issues are resolved at the departmental level of military education, and rector of the institute.

1) The first issue of reserve officers in the department made in 1957 (divisional artillery platoon leader) in the amount of 138 people.
2) In 1958. the Department begins release of reserve officers in the specialty construction and maintenance of bridges on the roads, and the engineer on the mechanization of road construction works.
3) In 1964. the Department begins release of reserve officers – the commander of a platoon of road engineering, bridge building, engineering and positional units – engineers and technicians for the design, operation and repair of engineering equipment.
4) In 1980. the department began training for reserve officers – deputy commander of a tank company in the technical part.
5) In 1981. the department began training for reserve officers – the commander of a platoon of medium tanks, as well as changing the number and the name of the cycles.
6) Since 1983. the department conducted training of reserve officers – combat use of Army divisions and corps artillery – combat use of the units of medium tanks, – deputy. commanders of tank companies on the technical part.