The  heads of the department have made a great contribution  for its  formation development  – Assoc. professor Sokolov N.E. (1954-59), Prof. Samsonov M.T. (1959-70), Prof. Ermekov M.A. (1970-89),  assoc. professor  Baybatchaev A.B. (1990), ),  assoc. professor   Biljalov B.D. (1991-97). The department provided training of mining engineers and geologists on correspondence courses for 1965-75 years.
Since 1994 started training of mining engineers and geologists, specialty “Geological Survey, exploration and prospecting of mineral deposits” full-time education. There worked 4 teachers including an associate professor in 1954 in the Department of Geology, 9 teachers – in 1965, of which 6 were associate professors. Depending on the student’s contingent the quantitative and qualitative composition of the teaching staff varied.

In the formative years of the department faculty held sessions only for students specializing in “Underground mining” for the disciplines “General Geology”, “Geology of mineral deposits and exploration” and “Historical Geology.” Currently, geological disciplines are taught to students of mining specialties, and for geophysicists and geologists are taught by full-time training (over 20 subjects).
The founder of the scientific direction of method of studying of gas content and gas content of coal-bearing sediments of the Karaganda basin is a corresponding member NAS RK, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor Ermekov M.A., under his supervision were qualified 9 candidates of science, including Biljalov B.D., Hidureli R.S., Baybatchaev A.B.
Biljalov B.D. jointly with Ermekov M.A. carried out scientific management  over post-graduate student Baybachaev A.B. and prepared a candidate of  geological and mineralogical sciences Kryazheva T.V., and 5 magisters of  “applied geology and exploration” and “equipment and technology” with  specialty “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits.”

Research and business and contractual works under the supervision of Bilyalov B.D. with faculty and staff of the department were in different directions at different sites of mining in Kazakhstan and abroad. These are the Karaganda and Maykyuben coal basins, Donskoj and Lisakovskij mining-and-processing integrated works, Kamysh-Burunskiy iron-ore concentrate (Ukraine) and others.
Professor Dumler L.F. worked at the problem of establishing relationships of coals technological properties to genetic factors for different fields (Zhalyn, Karazhyra) Kazakhstan,  the results of his studies were used in geological and economic evaluation of deposits and  deposits industrial development.

Baybatchaev A.B. was developing methods of predicting tectonic disturbance of the mine  fields in the Karaganda basin, the stability of the roof, methods of establishing regularities in the formation of deposits engineering-geological conditions in the clastic rocks of Central Kazakhstan (1975-88). On the basis of his results were publishes 32 scientific articles.
Associate professor Moskalenko A.I. was studying the material composition of ores and geological structure of the  Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskij district.
Geological disciplines related to the natural sciences are studied not only by geologists and geophysicists, but also students of mining, economic, construction and other specialties. For educational purposes the Geological Museum at the department is used, the collection of minerals and rocks of which is about 5000 samples.

Heads of department
М.А. Ермеков
д. г.-м. н., профессор
(1970-1989 гг.)
Б.Д. Билялов
к. г.-м. н., доцент (1991-1997 гг.)


The great contribution to the formation and development of the department made the heads – Ermekov M.A. (1970-1989), Biljalov B.D. (1991-1997).
Currently, the position of Head of Department (since 2011) holds Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor Biljalov B.D.
The department of  “Geophysics and Geology” was split and renamed to “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits in 2011.”