Academic process

In the light of credit technology modern innovative and information modes of study take root into educational process, computerization of educational process when carrying out СРС, РГР, yearly and degree projects, SRWs, carrying out intermediate and final control of knowledge, use when lecturing, practical and laboratory research, use of an interactive board, the multimedia video-projector, allowing to show teaching material on screens.

In all the subjects of the chair in the educational process there are used various forms of ICT.

Graphics of the educational process


Schedule a consultation

Curriculum of employments on an autumn semester 2016-2017 school year

Material base

GOSO. Graduate education. Master’s Degree.

GOSO. Graduate education. Postdoctoral Training

Tests  are Technology of building production

Tests  building materials 1

Plan of institution of higher learning on realization of recommendation and removal of remarks of external experts of НКАОКО on the specialized accreditation on specialities 5В072900, 5В074500, 6М072900

Educational achievements

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The schedule of the State examination in the specialty 5В072900 Building

The schedule of the State examination in the specialty 5В073000 Production of building materials, products and structures