Material resources

The list of available office equipment at the department

№ p / p Name Amount Notes  
2 Interactive board 1  
3 Document Camera 2  
4 PC 46  
5 printer 19  
6  Laptop 7  
7 Video Projector 5

Audience availability for e-learning implementation

№№ p / p Name audience number Notes
1 Interactive board 1-239
2 Document Camera 1-110,1-111
3 PC 1-111 (14), 1-134 (2), 1-213 (12), 1-215 (1), 1-217(1), 1-218 (3), 1-219 (9), 1-238 (1), 1-231 (1), 1-212 (1)
4 printer 1-111 (8),1-134 (2), 1-217 (1), 1-218 (2), 1-219 (4), 1-212 (1)
5 Laptop 1-111 (4), 1-219 (3)
6 Video Projector 1-215, 1-217, 1-132, 1-238,1-239

The department has lecture rooms  equipped with modern TSO: a video projector, a laptop, as well as the following specialized classrooms, laboratories where practical and laboratory classes are held for students:

  1. “Construction laboratory”.
  2. “Laboratory of binders.”
  3. “Construction laboratory IAS”.

Classrooms are equipped with visual materials and modern equipment in all relevant disciplines.

There are 2 branches of the department in LLP Continent-Stroy, at the Institute of Complex Mineral Development Problems, where students perform laboratory work on the following courses: “ Research methods of building materials”, “Technology of building ceramics”.

Together with the institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources (CEMR) work is in progress on the purchasing the equipment for light microscopy and sample preparation

The department is equipped with a modern experimental and laboratory base and it’s continuously working to improve it.

In 2008-2014 for the purpose of modernization of the educational process process there has been acquired modern equipment and devices (Universal Steam Chamber KUP-1A, a device for determining the stiffness of the concrete mix, a device for determining the permeability of concrete BB-2, and  compound steel cylinder for determining the strength of porous inorganic aggregates).

There is a room number 212 for the master students.

Availability of premises, laboratories and auditoriums assigned to the department:

№ p / n Name of the specialized audience, classrooms, laboratories, workshops, etc. (quantity, sq.m.) Availability of equipment
1 2 3
1 Construction laboratory №130 (28 seats, 110,2 m2) Laboratory vibroplatform;Camera of natural hardening;muffle furnace MF-8; apparatus 029; electronic meter of thermal conductivity ITP-MG4;electronic meter of concrete strength CSM-МG4;electronic meter of concrete cover thickness CCT-МG4; laboratory balance LB;penetrometer to determine the viscosity of bitumen;unit for determining the harshness of the concrete mix;a device for the rapid determination of water permeability of concrete ВВ-2
2 Laboratory of binders №132(24 seats, 113,1 m2) Laboratory mill MBL; camera of natural hardening;apparatus 029;rotary laser level БL 40;ultrasonic dotsiamer DИS-20;electronic angular meter DMW-4-L;digital hot probe ТЕМР-1;digital meter temp.Tetr-2;device for fast. evaluate the activity of cement;multi-purpose steaming camera MPSC-1А
3 Construction laboratory of IAC №142(112,2 m2 ) Thermoelectric cooling-heating camera TEC-50/60;machine tests. MT-100;hydraulic press HDP-500;mix МТZ and equipment КSL

Total amount of material assets of the department is 11096660,96 mln.KZT