Academic Process

Three-level system of higher education

There is the license for the preparation of 2 bachelor specialty in the department: 5B070200 «Automation and control», 5В071800 «Electrical engineering » and the 2nd master specialties: 6M070200 «Automation and control», 6М071800 «Electrical engineering », as well as for PhD – specialty 6D071800 «Electrical engineering ».

Kazakhstan’s first doctor PhD of electrical engineering Smagulova K.K. was prepared by the Department APP.

The specialty of bachelor 5B070200 «Automation and control» has passed the international accreditation RAEE (Russia) and in the far abroad EUR-ACE.

In the national ranking 2011 year, the bachelor specialty «Automation and control» among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan took 1st place, and in the rating of 2012 year the bachelor specialty «Electrical engineering» took 1st place.

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