International scientific conference

The European scientific and industrial consortium of the Russian Academy of science (Russia) European Academy of natural Sciences (UK) Publishing house “Academy of natural Sciences “ (Germany) Euro-Asian scientific-industrial chamber invite You to take part in international scientific conferences:



Scientific-practical conference

We invite you to take part in the scientific-practical conference “Students and teachers of the University in the global innovation process: practical aspects”.

To participate in the conference invited students, graduate students, professors, researchers, experts in the field of mathematical, technical and humanitarian Sciences, practices of business , Economics, Finance and of other areas.

Date and time: October 30, 2014, 15°°-18°”.

Adress:  Moscow, Stromynka street, 18, 417 aud.

The conference will be held in-person and absentee voting.


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The program of professional retraining

Siberian branch of the Bashkir state University is recruiting and training:by  the educational program of professional retraining of over 502 hours through the use of distance educational technologies.

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Scientific- practical conference

Kazakh university of technologies and business invites you to take part in XV Republican scientific- practical conference of puipls, students and master degrees “New era- new technologies”. Continue reading »

Invitation to the conference

National association of scientists invites You

to  take  part  in the III International  scientific- practical  conference

“ Domestic science in the era of changes: postulates of the past and the theories of the new time”   Continue reading »

Tour of Jilin University

September 22 at 14 : 00 in the youth centerZhastar Alemywill take place the concert of the Student ensemble of Jilin University (China), dedicated to the 10th  anniversaryof the founding of the Confucius Institute.

Organizer: the Confucius Institute of the Karaganda  state technical University and Jilin University

Practical educational programs in Prague

Strategic development plan of Kazakhstan till 2020 envisages further improvement of the construction industry, improving the safety and quality of construction products, which is a key economic and political tasks of the state. Continue reading »

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