“Young talents of Kazakhstan”

Hosting-center “Blade-web” is pleased to inform you of the announcement of the competition for the best  Internet- project  “Young talents of Kazakhstan”,  which starts June 1, 2014 and is dedicated to the Day of the protection of Children.

We are sure that your institution is trained a sufficient number of talented young people who are addicted to the development of the web-sites, perhaps,   lead a personal blogs or are involved in supporting web portal of your university.

A Hosting-center  offers them to describe their internet project, as well as the goals and objectives, pursued by the creation of a web page  or website and get hosting for free.

The winners will be determined by voting on our website bladeweb.org

Top 5 members, have provided drawings with layout under any free CMS, will receive a free hosting for 1 year  in  especially designed for you tariff plan “Youth”:

Disk space 500 MB

Number of sites 10

FTP accounts 10

Number of databases 10

Mail domains 10

If you don’t have your own domain name, don’t worry, the work will be posted on the third-level domains on the internet  and will be available at, for example, niKona.bladeweb.kz

Details on the conditions of competition you can find on our site bladeweb.org

The works will be accepted until September 1, 2014