Language is the road map of a culture

At the Karaganda Technical University was held a meeting of students entitled, “Intercultural aspect in the study of a foreign language at a technical university”.

Today it is important to teach future specialists to express their thoughts correctly, clearly and concisely, to defend their point of view. This time the meeting was organized by the Department of Foreign Languages of KTU and was held in English.

The main goal is to develop creative thinking of the first year students. This is an integral component of the new direction of the “creative industries”. The online dispute was held on the Microsoft Teams platform. More than fifty students have proven their ability to debate in English.

The participants of the event demonstrated colorful animation slideshows, shared interesting facts, news and their lateral thinking.

The presentations covered the following topics “Intercultural Communication at learning foreign languages”, “The study of the English language and cultural peculiarities at technical university”, “Priorities in training and development prospects of future specialists”, “Japanese language and cultural aspects”, “Cultural and linguistic changes”,” The influence of society on the development of oral and written speech”.

Culture and language are inextricably linked it makes no sense to study one without the other. The rapid development of the Internet, technologies and world globalization contribute to the rapid exchange of information, easily allow you to acquire the necessary communications and feel the culture of other peoples. Interest in learning languages is also spurred by the prospect of working abroad, as well as an increase in the competitiveness of future specialists in the modern labor market.

The meeting held at KTU once again proved how our students believe it is important to respect the culture of other people, and to be tolerant of other cultures.

Press-service of KTU