Workshops of student scientific club “LinguaDiscovery”

Foreign languages Department invites students and undergraduates to participate in seminars, scientific student club “LinguaDiscovery”.

The main purpose of the student club is to study topical problems of applied linguistics in language and contemporary culture.

Tasks of the club:

  • to increase the level of knowledge of foreign languages;
  • to improve intercultural communicative competence of students;
  • to attract students to scientific-research work of the Department of linguistics;
  • to increase students ‘ interest to linguistic knowledge;
  • to teach students to work with scientific and artistic literature (search, selection, analysis, classification);
  • to develop the ability to conduct a scientific discussion, draw their own conclusions, to speak before an audience;
  • to prepare students to participate in scientific conferences, including foreign ones.

The club works in the following areas:

1. Theory concepts
2. Foreign literature
3. Country studies
4. Translation studies
5. Lexicology and phraseology
6. Language and mentality

The club has implemented the following forms of work:

  • Discussion
  • Protection presentations
  • Round table
  • Interview
  • Intellectual game

Organization of meetings

1. The periodicity of the meetings of the scientific student club – 2 times a month. For information, please contact the Department of foreign languages responsible for NIRS, the teacher of Beisekhanova S. A. (building 1, room 430 AUD. tel 56-59-32 (int.1152), every Tuesday)
2. The meeting shall be held within a pre-selected direction, theme and form of the meeting.
3. Not later than 7 days prior to the meeting, head of post on the notice Board of the Department of the announcement of the theme, time and place of club meetings. Responsibilities to ensure the freedom of the audience, by order of multimedia equipment assigned to the branch Manager.