Workshop on studying in China

Dear students, we invite you to take part in the seminar on studying in China (Beijing)! Which will be held on April 28, in Almaty from 14-00 to 18-00 o’clock at the address: office A-Education, Furmanov street 103, office 509, corner of Aiteke bi street. Admission is free!

In the seminar will participate arrived from Beijing officer, representing the following institutions:

1. Beijing Institute of agriculture (on the basis of 9 classes)

2. Beijing Institute of youth policy (on the basis of 11 classes)

3. Beijing Institute of petrochemical technologies (on the basis of 11 classes)

4. Beijing Institute of politics and law (on the basis of 9 classes)

5. Beijing University of science and information technologies (on the basis of 11 classes)

5. China youth University of political science (on the basis of 11 classes) (Beijing);

Colleges in Beijing:

  1. Yantsin college
  2. Chushi college

For more information please contact

Department of international relations (main building, 309a).

Contact phone: 567598, internal 2048

Opening hours of DIR: 8.30-17.30 (lunch break from 12.30 to 13.30)

Also for more information on the University can be found at the links: – official site of the College Yangqin -official website of the Beijing Institute of petrochemical technology