Scientific works

No Name Work character Publishing house, journal (name, number, year) Co-authors
1 Without expert method of evaluation quarry transport systems in the technical level hardcopy The problems of quarry transport. Proceedings of the international scientific conference. Yekaterinburg, 2002, – 257 p. Z.T.Akashev, S.K. Malybayev, N.A.Daniyarov
2 Search and implementation of high-tech products in the industry and transport
Monography, KSTU, 2006. – 197 p. Z.T.Akashev,S.K. Malybayev,A.Z.Akashev
3 Features of quality assessment of bearing elements chain conveyors in the mining-and-metallurgy industry
Problems and prospects of Balkhash area: Proceedings of Nat. Scientific-practical conference. marking to the 70th anniversary of the city of Balkhash. – Balkhash: Balkhash Humanitarian-Technical University, 2007. -326 p S.K. Malybayev
4 The use of chain conveyors in mining
International scientific-practical conference “Scientific and educational potential of the nation and the country’s competitiveness.” Taraz: Senim, 2008. – 592 p. S.K. Malybayev
5 Conditions and prospects of the usage chain
Volume I “Mining” Proceedings of the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference “Mining and metallurgy in Kazakhstan. Status and Prospects. “- Almaty, 2006. – 384 p. S.K. Malybayev, i.i. Tazabekov
6 The modelling of composition loading section of plate conveyor to the computer
Proceedings of the International Conference “Science and Education – a leading factor Strategy Kazakhstan-2030” Issue 2, Karaganda, KSTU, 2006. – 482 p. A.M. Aidarkhanov
7 Performance evaluation of the application of new technical solutions in the plate conveyors
Proceedings of the University, The National Journal, Karaganda, KSTU, 2006. – 89 p.
8 Analysis of the modes of the carrier elements slat-type conveyors operations mining-and-metallurgy industry
Key issues in modern science. Volume 38. Technology, Sofia “Byal GRAD-BG” LTD 2011. -104 p. S.K. Malybayev, N.S. Malybayev, O. Nurmanov
9 Stability indicators of mine in quality and performance
Proceedings of the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference, Volume 24. Engineering. Przemysl Nauka i studia, 2012 – 104 p. Zeynullin A.A., Sakenov M.D., Khainazarov L.S., Malybayev N.S.
10 The computational model of actuating device components of the banded and apron-type conveyor (BAC)
Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Science and Education – a leading factor of strategy” Kazakhstan – 2030 “. Issue 2. Karaganda, 2009. – 580 p. G.S. Zholdybayeva, N.S. Malybayev
11 To the development of new machine and technological systems and their models.
Scientific, technical and industrial-economic magazine “COAL”. Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, 2011. – 76 p. Beysenbayev K.M., Zhakenov S.S., Zhetesov S.S., Demishuk I.N., Shmanov M.N., Tyr I.D., Malybayev N.S.