Working visit of Mazhilis deputies of the Parliament of RK

April 9th deputies of Mazhilis Parliament Serikzhan Kanaev, Nurlan Aubakirov and Victor Rogolev have visited Karaganda state technical university with working visit. Rectors of KSTU, academician of NAS Gazaliev A.M, teachers and students of university have welcomed visitors.

Visit of mazhilismen took place within the limits of propaganda work on the Address of the President of Republic Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbaev to people of Kazakhstan. The high school has amazed deputies with high dynamics of progress and many-sided work on a science and high technologies. According to the words of deputy Nurlan Aubakirov, University has great reserves in development and introduction of innovative technologies for progress of a mountain-metallurgical complex of our country. Marking a high level of innovative projects, material equipment and industrial objects of «Politex», mazhilismen have emphasized, that KSTU is the modern high school appropriating all requirements of XXI century.

At the meeting with collective of University Serikzhan Kanaev has explained to the students and PPS key points of the Address of the President to people of Kazakhstan. The attention of listeners has been pointed that our country is the open space for an information stream. Mazhilismen has called up youth to be closer for calls and slogans, especially destructive character. «Kazakhstan is one of rich countries on natural resources. And the majority part do not like stability in our country. It is necessary to keep stability and to protect unity of people », – has noted Serikzhan Ziyadanovich.

Deputies have answered questions of students on problems of social-economic modernization of the country, realization of state programs FIID and education development of the country.