Within the framework of the educational project “Service to the People” on November 15, 2023, a presentation contest on the theme “My homeland is the Republic of Kazakhstan” was held among the student groups of the Highway and Road Faculty

Among the TDF curatorial groups, a presentation contest was organized on the theme “My homeland is the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The purpose of the competition: education of patriotism among students of the curatorial group; teaching knowledge, promotion of traditions and customs; teaching knowledge and respect for the history of the country.

Terms of the competition: preparation of a presentation on the topic: “My homeland is the Republic of Kazakhstan” Preparation of tasks and questions using the technology of question–answer, game, brainstorming based on the topic of the presentation.

Students of groups LOG-23-2, LOG-23-1, TT-23-1, OP-23-1 were divided into groups and presented their presentations. The best transition is protected in three languages.

The best presentations based on the results of the competition:

  • 1st place: LOG group-23-2 – “The best presentation” (developed in three languages) curator Nurzhanova K. K.;
  • 2nd place: TT group-23-1 –”Informative presentation” curators Kuleimenova L. M., Ospangalieva M. T.
  • 3rd place: LOG group-23-1 – “Impressive presentation” curated A. B. Ashirbekova.