Cooperation with Gazprom

The grant MES “Inviting foreign scientists” by university officials, represented by the rector, academician of NAS RK AM Gazalieva sent a letter – invitation to Ph.D., lead researcher LLC “Podzemgazprom” Oksenkrugu Efim Semenovich. After a positive response has started to prepare all necessary documents for the arrival of Efim Semenovich in KSTU. Over the two-week period from October 22 to November 3, at the department “Surveying and Geodesy” Efim Semenovich gave lectures for graduate and undergraduate students. Classes were very interesting, for each topic lectures present a slide presentation with which Efim Semenovich, quite affordable, the material presented. Extensive experience of the scientist can give examples for all aspects of hard to explain. Career of this remarkable man began with the end of the mining department chair “Surveying” Moscow Mining Institute. Then, he got a job at the construction of the Moscow Metro. After the professional experience he was asked to change some of its field of activity. Efim Semenovich interested, and from that moment he began to Geotechnics Ltd “Podzemgazprom.” Its scope of work includes a lot of components, such as: the definition of the deformation, the strength properties of the rock mass, the definition of creep and rheological properties of rocks to identify general trends of behavior of the rock mass calculated in the laboratory, which he detailed in his interesting lectures. It is worth noting that all of these tests were carried out with a lot of different types of equipment, which have been given separate lectures, such as the instrument probe BU-39, an extended set of attitudes of rock deformation in volume compression BU-61, setting a useful indicator of rock strength BV -21, and more equipment. The study of these devices has generated enormous interest in the graduate department. Through this two-week daily lectures were more intense and diskussivnoy form from day to day. At the end of a course of lectures guest chair had an oral exam at the Masters. The result, which was confirmed by Efim Semenovich high skills and a strong interest in the study of undergraduates geotechnics.

Undergraduate Karataeva B.

Associate Professor J. Moser