Way to school

The Republican action “Way to school

September 28 was held ceremony of closing and award of participants of the Republican action “Way to school”. Director and representatives of the Department on protection of children’s rights of Karaganda region, representatives of mass media of Karaganda and private entrepreneurs took part in this wvwnt.

Gratitude letter for volunteers of organization “Akniet” was given to the student of AandA-11-2  group  Philatova Alina.

That day was held presentation of packets with stationery for 15 families in the building of “Zhastar alemi”, who addressed by hotline to the Department on protection of children’s rights of Karaganda region. Volunteers congratulated them on new academic year and took a promise to study only for good and excellent marks.

Мероприятия Акниет 2012-2013 г1   Мероприятия Акниет 2012-2013 г2

Training for new volunteers YCO«Akniet»

 Every year, with the arrival of the first-year students to KSTU, students begin to be interested in public activity of the University and join organizations of our University. In connection with this, on October 11, 2012 at 17:00 in the Youth Palace «Zhastar Alemi», organization «Akniet» held a special training, educational game forms and methods of work for new volunteers wishing to help the children. The training consisted of the practical and theoretical parts. Due to the training volunteers possess interesting knowledge and skills of working with children. 14 students took participation in training.

  Тренинг для новых волонтеров МБО «Акниет» Тренинг для новых волонтеров МБО «Акниет»


November 23 was held annual autumn fancy-dress party for children of boarding-school DSMA.

There was  a real ball! Well-dressed ladies and elegant gentlemen! Children participated in all contests and games with pleasure. After concert-entertaining programme there was a disco party, at the end of the evening sky lantern was let out by king and queen of the ball.

The annual action «Letter to Santa Claus»



December 4 – start of action «Letter to Santa Claus» for children of boarding-school № 22.
December 9- start of action «Letter to Santa Claus» in the Sergeyev orphanage in Novodolinsk.
December 12- Students of KSTU deciphered children’s letters.
December 24 – Christmas tree for the children of the Sergeyev orphanage in Novodolinsk.

December  29- New year’s tree for boarding- school № 22.
Volunteers arrived to children, to have fun, and write a letter to Santa Claus together! In each letter of a child writes something, that would like to get for the New Year, and students, as magicians make their wish come true!
Students of KSTU, students of the KEUK and also volunteers of youth movement «Kamkor» took participation in the action.

On February 14 was held departure of the coordinators of YCO «Akniet» together with the students of a Trade-Union Bureau IAS to the boarding-school of DSMA.
Entertainment programme with games, dances and crafts were made for children. Volunteers of the YCO «Akniet» showed students of IAS how it is great to play with children, look at their happy faces and hear their mischievous laugh.

On February 22 was held a charity concert «In the name of good» in support of Kim Vitaly. Students of KSTU and pupils of school «Murager» took participation in organization of the concert.
Relatives of Vitaliy Kim were invited to the concert. His aunts came: boy with his mother are in Almaty at the courses of chemo – and radiation therapy. Students performing at the event tried to support the family of the child and inspire confidence and hope. In their speeches, whether it was dance, song or playing musical instruments, students expressed the hope for a better future.
The sum transferred to the account of the boy’s mother.

On March 7, 2013 on the eve of international Women’s Day, volunteers of youth’ charitable organization “Akniet” at Karaganda State Technical University visited home for elderly people “Mercy”. Students congratulated old women and staff of house on upcoming holiday.