“Central Processing Plant East”


Visit Report: “Central Processing Plant East”

Group GD-16-9



Steflyuk Yu. M.

Musin R.A. 

Karaganda 2019



On an exit lesson of students of the group GD-16-9 and ND-17-3 at the Mining and Processing Plant “Central Processing Plant Vostochnaya”,

ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC.


The Vostochnaya Central Processing Plant was commissioned in 1980 with a design capacity of 6 million tons of raw coal per year and is the largest coal processing enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At present, the factory processes refractory coals of KZh, K and KO grades mined at the mines of the UD ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC. The final enrichment products are: concentrate, which is supplied to ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC and Ukraine, and industrial product sent to the own needs of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC (TPP).

During its operation, the factory processed more than 123 million tons of raw coal and produced 63.3 million tons of coke concentrate.

November 6, 2019, students in the amount of 24 people visited the factory as part of an on-site lesson, accompanied by the teachers of the department of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute, Steflyuk Yu.M. and Musin R.A.

Before visiting the processing plant, we went to the treatment facilities (tailing dump) located 1 km from the factory itself, where teachers explained the water treatment system to students.

First of all, students underwent introductory instruction, signed for him and received personal protective equipment.

Then the students visited the wagon unloading workshop with the help of a wagon-tipping trailer, and also showed it in their work.

The next place where we went was the control room, where they showed us how they track all the processes, told where and which sensors, and also explained the enrichment chain on the screens.

Together with an accompanying student, they visited the rest of the workshop (went all the way along the whole chain) from unloading coal to the final enrichment point.


Thanks to a visit to the central processing plant, students were able to become more familiar with the mineral processing system, as well as have a practical understanding of this process.

Field trips as an active form of practical classes allows the student to realize the professional knowledge gained in the lecture classes. The main goal of the field practical training is to prepare students for professional activities as an employee in the field. This goal can be achieved by solving the following tasks:

– consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge;

-conducting research in order to prepare term papers and qualifications;

-formation of student readiness to perform basic types of professional activity;

-orientation of students on the values ​​of production;

-complex development of key social, creative and professional competencies of students;

-Achieving the integrity of the physical, intellectual and moral aspects of the personality of students.

At field practical classes, the process of adaptation of freshmen to new conditions of educational activity and communication, different from school, is faster, and also brings them closer to production and its processes.